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Cutting the Cord (and the Cost) With Wireless Sensors


Learn how wireless condition monitoring sensors can add both cost-effectiveness and reliability to your condition-based monitoring program

A Wireless World

We live in a wireless world. Odds are good that you are reading this via a wireless connection. Sure, you may have fiber or cable supplying internet to your home or office (or home office as is the case these days) but your device of choice, be it a mobile phone, tablet, or even a full-fledged desktop, is likely tethered to the world at large via a wireless protocol.

This universal acceptance begs the obvious question: Why not consider wireless for industrial applications and gain the same productivity and convenience found in our home and office environments?

This is not a debate on wired vs wireless by any means. The reasons for wired yesterday vs today are just as valid, and in many instances, a wired connection is not only preferable but necessary. Wireless is simply advancing to levels that make additional industrial uses more applicable. The advances in bandwidth, security, power consumption, processing power, data storage, and environmental housings are some of the many reasons to explore where wireless can contribute to or even supersede previous applications where wired connections were simply not feasible.

So would you like to learn more about how wireless sensors can add both cost-effectiveness and reliability to yourcondition-based monitoring program?伟大的!让我们首先介绍行业领导者无线状况监测传感器, the Ranger Pro.

Ranger Pro wireless condition monitoring sensor, wireless vibration sensor

内华达州弯曲's Ranger Pro

内华达州贝利(Nevada)为您提供了强大的无线解决方案condition monitoringRanger Pro形式的需求,可以适用于多个机械应用程序。

So what exactly is theRanger Pro Wireless Sensor来自内华达州贝利,除了显而易见吗?Ranger Pro无线状况监测传感器使您可以监视速度,加速度和温度以及时间库波形,光谱和峰值频谱。它是为植物可靠性经理和运营商建造的发电,oil and gas, and relatedindustrial markets.

您可以配置Ranger Pro无线状况监视以在各种环境和应用程序中工作:

  • Uniaxial and tri-axial capable velocity and acceleration detection.
  • 环境温度报告。
  • 1类Div 1(Ex IA)危险认证
  • 安装硬件选项适合大多数应用程序。
  • Standard replaceable lithium-thionyl chloride battery.
  • IP67粉尘和防水。
  • ISA100 or WirelessHART protocol.

It is important to note that wireless range varies depending on environmental obstacles, gateway antenna type, and the orientation of the sensor relative to the gateway antenna.


The Ranger Pro Wireless condition monitoring sensor is a simple, easy to implement solution for use inhazardous or difficult to access environments有线或便携式解决方案变得不切实际的地方。在一定程度上要感谢传感器固有的灵活性,内华达州Ranger Pro无线状态监视传感器使您可以执行以下操作:

  • 监视和优化低临界机制的健康和可靠性。
  • 通过无线监控,建立或扩展了现有的可靠性计划。
  • Make maintenance decisions based on current data, versus having to wait for in-person data collection.
  • Reduce maintenance costs through deeper machine health insights, and data-backed decisions.
  • Decrease unplanned machine failures by targeted maintenance that can be planned for minimal production interruption.
  • Increase your organization’s machinery life.

You can use the Ranger Pro Wireless Condition Monitoring System to getimmediate notifications,short- and long-term trending data, anddiagnostic reporting. With Ranger Pro, you can transform your current便携式数据收集intoportable data analyticsby leveraging Ranger Pros as data collector sentries to identify those assets that warrant further analysis via portable or other means.

Ranger Pro解决方案,无线振动传感器,无线状况监控

与Ranger Pro无线无线的更多原因

So aside from the flexibility of being deployed to various machinery types, what other benefits can you expect for your organization by adopting a wireless sensor strategy?

Data Collection Costs

By optimizing “reporting by walking around” via accurate, real-time data collection, your Ranger Pro Wireless system will save you labor costs, erroneous diagnoses, and unplanned production outages. The time savings are obvious, as you can get data instantly, but think too about the manpower savings, especially in larger organizations that have hundreds of machines, and where personnel qualified to interpret the data aren’t always the same people who are qualified to collect the data. This benefit is particularly valuable where dangerous or hazardous environments are present.


Our compact, wireless design coupled with superior battery life makes the Ranger Pro the obvious choice for ease of installation, even in hazardous or hard to reach settings for the less critical assets. Think about those last two, hazardous and hard to reach settings. Running yard after yard of cable in a corrosive environment may require insanely expensive, specialized cabling that even in the best of circumstances will have to be inspected, maintained and replaced regularly. Then think about the定制的传感器解决方案必须制造出来以适应难以到达的设备,在这些设备上可能需要一些其他工程,这些工程可能会因安装无线传感器而被无效。在某些应用中,避免这些材料,人工和设计成本可以支付无线传感器的费用。

Hazardous Area Installation

Our Ranger Pro wireless sensor complies withpart 15 of the FCC Rules和类似EU RED, which mandates that operation must be subject to the following conditions:

  • This device may not cause harmful interference.
  • This device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.

此外,游侠专业人士是CSA certifiedfor Class I, Division1 Groups A,B,C & D, ATEX/IECEx certified to Ex ia IIC T4 Ga and Ex ia I Ma standards. Finally, the Ranger Pro meets the 2011/65/EU directives for RoHS.

Ranger Pro Data flow, wireless condition monitoring solutions
Seamless Connectivity

当然,如果您的无线传感器无法与您的状况监控软件连接,那么所有这些运营都均为毫无意义。幸运的是,Ranger Pro从头开始设计,与System 1和其他第三方解决方案无缝地工作。


安装Ranger Pro设备后,您可以为多个设备设置启动时间,以使用Ranger Pro配置软件开始数据采集。Ranger Pro使用通用客户界接口(GCI)(GCI)或使用系统1condition monitoring software. You can filter overall and dynamic timebase and spectra data, giving you just the data you need, when you need it while still preserving all of the data for a detailed machine health history.


典型的网络安装采用多个Ranger Pro无线状况监控传感器,Ranger Pro Repeaers,无线设备管理器/网关和访问点。Ranger Pro在单轴或三轴振动检测设置中可用。您还可以快速提供,配置,更新或更改Ranger Pro设备直播。


Ranger Pro利用行业预先循环的协议(ISA100或Wirelesshart)用于128位AES加密数据包,因此您可以放心您的数据和网络受到保护and can be seen only by those who you want.


Is your organization tied to a specific wireless protocol? Are you in a WirelessHART or an ISA1001.11a environment? Well, with the Ranger Pro, you don’t have to choose as our sensor supports both protocols. 150 meters sensor to access point, 100 meters sensor to sensor, line of sight. (As with any wireless device, the actual range depends on obstacles present, gateway antenna type, and orientation of the sensor relative to the gateway antenna.)

Battery Life

显然,一个真正的无线解决方案要求它耗尽可靠的电池供应。而且,短暂的电池寿命将违反试图避免必须在机器上手动收集数据的人力水槽的目的,因此您的无线传感器应该具有较长的电池寿命。Ranger Pro采用了可实现的行业标准电池,该电池可实现长达五年的电池寿命,具体取决于操作模式和配置设置。

Ranger Pro wireless vibration sensor specs

So whether you are looking to break free of the costs associated with wired connections and their maintenance, or the manpower costs in having to collect data in-person, or you have hazardous or hard to reach applications that you want condition monitoring data on, a Ranger Pro wireless sensor from Bently Nevada can rise to the task and give yousecure, real-time, accurate machinery health datawhile saving you resources.

我们在最终的下游停工完美o right now, which affords forward-thinking organizations a unique opportunity to look at ways in which they can improve their current organizational processes overall and take advantage of ways to enhance their existing asset health programs in anticipation of future production events.

If you would like to learn more about Bently Nevada’s Wireless Ranger Pro sensor on your own, we have the following resources available:

Ranger Pro Infographic

Ranger Pro Datasheet

Ranger Pro Fact Sheet

Ranger Pro User Guide

此外,请随时与您的销售经理联系,安排时间讨论Ranger Pro无线传感器计划可以为您的状况监控程序做什么,或者您可以与我们联系here

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