Distributed Protection Systems
Industries rely on critical machinery every hour of every day. In these settings, machinery failure isn’t just inconvenient, it can be catastrophic.

Bently Nevada distrubutedvibration monitoringandprotection systemsserve to prevent catastrophes (loss of life, financial, environmental) and to monitoring the health of machines across a wide range of industries and applications. The complex technology developed by Bently Nevada since 1961 keeps employees safe, improves productivity and efficiency for customer plants, and gives customers greater visibility and clarity for better machine maintenance and reliability.

Our vibration monitoring systems for have applications across a wide range of industries and equipment.

Bently Nevada 2300 Series Vibration Monitor
2300 Series Vibration Monitor

Bently Nevada's 2300 Vibration Monitors are designed for use on a broad range ofmachine trainsor individualcasingswhere the sensor point count fits the monitor’s channel count and where advanced signal processing is desired. The 2300 Series provides very low costcondition monitoringand protectioncapabilities onless critical and essential machinery.

These monitors are available with proximity sensing to be used onfluid film bearing machinesandvelomitor sensingto monitor slow speed machines. Designed to continuously assess and protect essentialbalance-of-plant equipment assets, the 2300 Series Vibration Monitor can be used awide range of industriesincluding:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Power Generation
  • Water Treatment
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Cement

Bently Nevada 2300 Fact Sheet

Bently Nevada 2300 Datasheet

1900/65A General Purpose Equipment Monitor
1900/65A General Purpose Equipment Monitor

Monitoring and Protecting large, complex rotating machinery is a high priority in most industrial operations. However, it is generally difficult to justify this type ofcontinuous vibration monitoringforless critical,essentialorgeneral purpose equipment. As a result, these machines typically operate without adequate protection.

The Bently Nevada 1900/65 General Purpose Equipment Monitor is a flexible, cost-effective system specifically designed tocontinuously monitor and protectessential and balance-of-plant equipment assets such as:

  • Cooling tower fans
  • Pumps
  • Blowers
  • Motors
  • Pulverizers
  • Air compressors
  • Small reciprocating compressors
  • Small electric motors
  • Small hydro turbines
  • Centrifuges

The 1900/65a provides extensive capabilities: eight input channels; six configurable alarm relays; four 4-20 mA outputs; buffered output facilities for easy connection to portable diagnostic instruments

Bently Nevada 1900/65A Fact Sheet

Bently Nevada 1900/65A Data Sheet

Advanced Vibration Monitoring Solutions - Orbit 60 Series Distributed Platform
Advanced Vibration Monitoring Solutions
The next generation of condition monitoring, protection and data integration

The Orbit 60 Series is Bently Nevada’s most advancedcondition monitoring and protection systemthat will help you make smarter decisions faster—and accelerate your journey to digital transformation. It collects and processes data on the edge at high speed—equipping operators with the right analytics and machine-health information needed to optimize performance and maintenance.

Key Features:
  • Intrinsically cyber secure

  • Remote i/o

  • Flexible deployments

  • Multiple machine trains

  • Advanced roller element bearing analysis

  • Api 670 protection / sil certified

  • Cloud connectivity

  • High speed process data integration

Orbit 60 Infographic

Orbit 60 Fact Sheet

Orbit 60 Datasheet

振动监测软件,系统1的状态Monitoring Platform

System 1 Condition Monitoring Platform

Condition monitoringis more than just a good idea – it is a necessity. Continuously monitoring critical asset parameters such as vibration, temperature, speed, and other relevant indicators is proven to anticipate and prevent mechanical failures. This method has been proven in tens of thousands of industrial facilities worldwide, and Bently Nevada† delivers these tangible benefits:

  • Intelligent, actionable insights for predictive maintenance viaSystem 1software
  • Less process interruptions
  • Improved protection from catastrophic failures
  • Cost savings in maintenance and repairs
  • Cost savings through reduced insurance premiums
  • Longer intervals between outages

System 1 Infographic

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Vibration Monitors & Distributed Protection Systems
2300 Vibration Monitor

The2300 Vibration Monitorprovides cost-effective continuous condition monitoring and protection for smaller machines. Features two input signals from acceleration, velocity or proximity vibration transducers as well as a pulse-based speed input. Any of the three channels can accept -24 to 0 V process sensor signals. The 2300 provides three buffered analog signal outputs, two relays for actuating annunciators or initiating protective machine trips, and two 4-20 mA outputs. Modbus/TCP is also available for control systems and HMI display. Offers ATEX, IECEx and CSA certifications to protect areas that may have flammable atmospheres. Condition monitoring trend, waveform and spectrum data is provided to System 1 software via Ethernet.

2300 Monitors
1900/65A General Purpose Equipment Monitor

The1900/65A General Purpose Equipment Monitoris designed to continuously monitor and protect equipment across a variety of applications and industries. With a low cost, multiple inputs (4 transducer and 4 temperature) and outputs (6 relay, 4 recorder and 1 dedicated buffer) along with optional Modbus and Display Module configuration - the 1900/65A is an ideal solution for general purpose machines and processes that can benefit from continuous monitoring and protection.

Download Orbit1900/65A General Purpose Equipment Monitor

1900_65A_housing open_med-1580x600
Orbit 60

Orbit 60Seriesis Bently Nevada’s next generation of machinery protection and condition monitoring designed to be the most advanced system for all your critical machinery assets across a wide range of industrial process applications.


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