Our superbvbOnlineProwas designed to monitor the condition of machinery with rolling element bearings and complex gear trains. The plantwidecondition monitoringsystem is built to monitor vibrations via a system of 12-channel sampling. They can differentiate the vibration signals as acceleration, velocity, and more.

Some available features are two tachometer channels, which monitor using keyphasors, laser or optical TTL sensors, and other pulse-based speed sensors, and an allowance of trending variables through theSystem 1machine condition monitoring software.

All ofvbOnline Prois fully supported bySystem 1 software, which can connect thevbOnlineto almost any other condition monitoring systems you may have installed in your plant.

vbOnline Pro Product Overview
vbOnline Pro Product Features
  • Tracks vibrations, samples data- Provides economic vibration monitoring with simultaneous 12-channel data sampling from standard industrial (IEPE powered) accelerometers.
  • Two tachs measures speed- Two tachometer channels are available for measuring using a variety of pulse-based speed sensors including keyphasors†, magnetic pickups, proximity switches and laser or optical TTL sensors.
  • Processes signals- vbOnline Pro processes vibration signals to acceleration, velocity and demodulated acceleration measurements.
  • Multiple trending variables- vbOnline Pro allows trending Direct, Bias and Spectral Band variables in System 1 along with full spectrum and time waveform evaluation tools. The vbOnline Pro also provides Direct values via Modbus/TCP for each channel to allow Operations visibility to that data in a DCS, SCADA or HMI display alongside other process parameters.
vbOnline Pro System Compatible Services

Bently Nevada† offers the followingcondition monitoring servicesthat will support your vbOnline, keeping your machinery in the best condition:

  • Hosted Solutions
  • System Maintenance & Availability
  • Machinery Diagnostic Services
  • Machinery Health Audits
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics
  • Site Project Management
  • System Integration Engineering
vbOnline Pro System Compatible Software

Our customers often find thatthese software productswork well with the vbOnline monitoring system:

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