The field-proven阿德Machine Data AcquisitionSystemhandles a broad range of data acquisition tasks, enabling users to spend minimal time reducing machinery data and more time interpreting it.

This rugged multi-channel machine DAQ combines fast processing power with ease-of-use for professionalmachinery diagnosticians. Viewing options in the data logging system include automatic waveform selection for plots, multiple cursors for all plot types, and a static/couple vector option on polar plots for balancing.

TheSingle Board Computeroffers faster boot speed, lower power requirements, SAS disk drive technology, and a reinforced mounting case for better shock resistance. This highly便携式监控系统is as useful for machine asset状态监测and assessment tasks on the test stand as well as in the field in real-time.

阿德System Product Features

The阿德comes with a variety of features to best suit your needs, including easy-to-create database software and a3500 rack basedconfiguration importer to provide high-speed communication with the monitoring system.

  • 快速配置软件- Allows even novice users to create an Sxp-ready database to configure阿德并在几分钟之内开始接收数据。
  • 撞击锤套件- 确定旋转机和机械结构的传输函数和其他响应特征。
  • 3500机架进口商-SXP软件带有节省时间3500基于机架machine monitoring systemconfiguration importer ensures seamless communication with3500 Series monitoring system.

Bently Nevada† offers the following条件监控服务that will support your阿德System使您的机械处于最佳状态。


Our customers often find that these hardware products work well with the阿德System.

Remote training


该动手课程教授了使用ADRE诊断系统确保最高质量数据获取和展示的必要技能。该课程始于系统配置的基础知识,并通过高级数据库操纵工具继续进行。您学习的技能可帮助您从Adre SXP软件和408 DSPI获得最大价值。

  • Configure ADRE system to collect machinery data.
  • 有效地获取数据进行实时分析。使用各种绘图类型显示振动和其他数据类型进行机器条件分析。
  • Edit, document, and store databases for future use.


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