Industrial Equipment Maintenance
Industrial Equipment Maintenance

工业设备维修的过程中发挥着不可或缺的role in the daily operation of any multi-functional facility. At the highest level, industrial equipment maintenance is a strategy that involves monitoring, inspecting and correcting any issues that can occur with plantwide equipment or systems.


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Types of Industrial Maintenance

There are steadfast approaches to developing an effective plantwide maintenance plan. Let's explore these options further and discover how you can utilize these maintenance methods to achieve optimum equipment performance.

Predetermined Maintenance



  • 建议的维护和适用的替换时间范围基于历史数据和统计数据。
  • 您可以轻松地自动化预定的维护或更换,以便可以提前计划任何潜在的生产中断。


  • 提供的OEM数据不是“全部”。您可能会在OEM建议的更换/维护日期之前可能会出现风险设备故障。
  • Predetermined maintenance may also be costly if you prematurely replace functioning equipment.
Condition-Based Maintenance



  • This method is cost-effective since maintenance is only performed on an as-needed basis.
  • 防止公司启动不必要的维护。


  • 使用的传感器可能是昂贵的。
  • Sensors themselves must be monitored to ensure they are operating properly.
Corrective Maintenance

Corrective industrial equipment maintenance typically occurs when an issue has been during the inspection of another piece of equipment. An example of this type of maintenance would be a plumber noticing and replacing a corroded pipe while on a call to remove a blockage.


  • 这是一个经济有效且精简的过程,因为它不需要其他维护策略或检查。
  • Great for assets that are less critical.


  • 这种类型的维护可能是不可预测的,因为只有在注意到时才解决问题。
  • 一件设备上的意外维护可能会导致计划外的生产中断
Preventative Maintenance

Preventive industrial machine maintenance is the use of scheduled maintenance inspections that are carried out at multiple times each year. A common example would be regularly lubricating the hinges on an industrial oven.


  • Decrease in equipment downtime or production interruptions
  • Life of asset is longer as equipment is regularly inspected and maintained.


  • 增加时间和金钱以保持设备维护
  • 如果不存在故障风险时,请不断监控资源的潜在过度使用资源。
Predictive Maintenance



  • An equipment shutdown is typically not required to monitor, so production can continue uninterrupted.
  • Constant monitoring will ultimately protect assets from failure.


  • Condition monitoring equipment can be costly upfront to install.
  • It may cost more time and money to train employees to use condition-based monitoring technology correctly.

Modern Pressures of Industrial Maintenance
Industrial Maintenance


Modern Solutions for Industrial Maintenance - the Bently Way


Thefirst stepin any industrial equipment maintenance plan is to assess both your current operational outputs and future operational goals. Bently Nevada represents the world’s best industrial equipment monitoring products, services, and expertise.

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Industrial Maintenance Solutions from Bently Nevada

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The Orbit 60 Series is a highly advanced wireless condition monitoring system designed to monitor your critical machinery and plantwide assets in any location, from any location. This system allows you to develop all-encompassing and proactive maintenance and fleet management programs, allowing you to maximize productivity and reduce operational costs.

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Condition Monitoring: Need or Luxury?Discover how failure patterns and industry statistics remain a driving force behind the need for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance strategies.

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