What is Machine Health?

Machine Health leverages the deep domain expertise of Bently Nevada along with the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to help people, processes, and systems maximize machine productivity and表现by predicting and preventing industrial equipment failures. Machine Health places the power of AI and advanced insights into the hands of maintenance and repair teams, breaking down silos and changing the way reliability, maintenance, and operations teams interact. It helps eliminate unplanned downtime, optimize planned maintenance, reduce costs, identify portfolio trends, and accelerate Industry 4.0 use cases.

What Plantwide Machine Health Coverage Looks Like

Machine Health Coverage

内华达州弯曲+ Augury: First look

Machine Health Powered by Augury is a complete, end-to-end industrial machine solution which includes IoT hardware, software, advanced diagnostics, and services to deliver benefits from the plant floor to the executive office. Scalable industrial monitoring, anomaly detection, and prescriptive action help operators understand which machines are at risk and when to take action.

Eliminate Unplanned Downtime


Increase Revenue by Maximizing Capacity & Productivity

Availability of products is more important today than ever. Maximizing machine productivity allows you to meet rising customer demands and increase your revenue.

Stay Competitive Through Digital Transformation

Digital transformation provides a valuable opportunity for core manufacturing functions to move away from manual processes and automate key areas like Machine Health, enabling companies to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Optimize Asset Care



内华达州弯曲is building the world’s most intelligent integrated APM platform to provide coverage across all assets that matter.

Integrated APM是一个完整的解决方案和服务平台,它连接资产健康管理(AHM),资产战略管理(ASM),缺陷消除(DE)和Enterprise Asset Management(EAM)的孤岛。由Augury提供动力的AI驱动机器健康监测,建立在内华达州享誉世界的Ahm功能的基础上,通过使工业资产管理能够大规模地管理工业资产,以平衡植物机械,这补充了内华达州在内华达州验证的重要能力,以实现关键和必不可少的机械。可以通过整体,玻璃单窗格和工业资产来持续监测这些深度的AHM洞察力,以清晰和上下文来查看这些洞察力,从而为用户产生预测性和规范性的结果。

系统1 APM功能筒仓图形
IAPM Wheel Graphic with Legend

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