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  • 捆扎和提升的特殊设计解决方案确保安装过程中零伤害,即使在严格的浮动条件下
  • Specific materials are selected to withstand operating corrosive conditions with sour and acid gas
  • Zero-leakage systems guarantee compressor performance and prevent HSE issues

  • 从中到低体积流量(300到145000 m)的排放压力高达900 bar³/小时)
  • 大型径向滑动轴承可倾瓦结构和电磁轴承技术的参考应用
  • 易于维护,针对不断变化的工艺条件进行升级,可选的实时预测系统确保操作稳定性

  • Refinery, petrochemical, and fertilizer
  • 陆上和海上
  • 液化天然气,浮式液化天然气




Discharge pressure
Up to 1000 bar
600 to 160,000 m3/h
Up to 3 phases
Speed (rpm)
Up to 20,000
In line, back-to-back, double flow

CO2compression capabilities

亚博竞彩App贝克休斯拥有一个广泛的投资组合,从成熟的产品和50多年的经验,在公司发展2compression. Our equipment is operating in more than 90 plants, and we have new developments to maximize performance for carbon-capture applications. The typical train arrangement includes a steam turbine or electric motor driving a high-speed barrel compressor through an increasing gearbox or a pump for CO2compression applications. We can also provide a plug-and-pay solution fully integrated with a multistage pump.

除了我们传统的产品组合外,我们还有在世界上最大的公司运营的设备2compression station, which can reinject more than 3 million tons per year of CO2from an Australian LNG plant. In recent years, our Power Density approach has reduced footprint and weight while enhancing efficiency and increasing rotation speed. With new materials and coatings for improved resistance to corrosion and stress corrosion cracking, we can manage any sour or acid gas mixture.

Integrated electrically driven package

Our proven compressor technology can be easily integrated to most electric motors in the market. Not only does the electric motor minimize emissions and comply with new regulations, but it's also an efficient choice that's simple to operate, with longer maintenance intervals and significantly lower total cost of ownership. Our in-house services include full system test validation with unique performance testing capabilities for large motor drives up to 100 MW.

We recently developed a fully electric LNG plant with nine 75-MW electric motors guaranteeing the costumer approximately 14 MTPA with a record availability of 99.8%. Focusing on optimized plant availability, we developed, validated, and patented an advanced torsional vibration control system (TVCS) that can avoid machine trip, minimize commissioning and start-up time, and give real-time insight on torsional phenomena. We can provide integrated monitoring and diagnostic architecture to enable around-the-clock, real-time monitoring, advisory and troubleshooting support through our iCenters. We also offer consolidated expertise on grid stability and load-flow analysis for expansion of power systems, and to help optimize existing systems.

BCL Integrated
Our 75 MW eLNG module assembled at Freeport site.


苛刻的工作条件进行集成aring plus rotor design more and more necessary. We have therefore developed our own line of bearings with optimal oil consumption in high-speed and high-load conditions (up to 120 m/s, 4.0 MPa) drawing on our Lufkin-RMT Ultra technology for journal and thrust bearings. We're investing in testing facilities, partnerships with universities, and using advanced 3D numerical models to validate our bearings performance and predictability. Our in-house manufacturing technologies have the capacity to produce thousands of bearings per year—including tilting pad and fixed geometry journal bearings, thrust bearings, and combined journal-thrust bearings—ensuring a reliable single source for all orders and after-market service needs.



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