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  • Remediate multiple near-wellbore formation damage mechanisms
  • Mobilize damaging particulates and remove emulsions caused by drilling and completion fluids
  • Extend production life of older wells and improve ROI of wells with near-wellbore damage

  • Underperforming wells, both producers and injectors
  • 穿孔液
  • Acid pre-flush



If near-wellbore formation damage has caused your production rates to decline, the Baker HughesMICRO-CURE™ E2 cased-hole remediation systemoffers a solution. Combining proprietary chemistry with the application expertise of our Baker Hughes engineers, the MICRO-CURE E2 system opens up flow pathways around your wellbore to meet your production targets.


Micro Cure E2系统使用专有的微乳液技术,可提供超低界面张力,以实现最佳清洁和偿付能力。该技术针对并从您的近距离岩石矩阵中删除了许多常见的损害机制,包括:

  • 合成油基泥浆损失
  • In-situ emulsions
  • Wettability changes
  • Acid remediation
  • Drill-in fluid filtrate
  • Sludge
  • Perforation damage
  • 沥青质和石蜡矿床
  • Phase trapping and blocking
  • 盐水入侵
  • Condensation


Premixed and ready to pump

Our MICRO-CURE E2 system arrives at your wellsite as a premixed formulation that can be deployed downhole immediately. Thanks to its low interfacial tension and self-diffusion properties, the MICRO-CURE E2 system acts spontaneously to solubilize oil and remove solids, without the need for an external energy source or agitation. Simply apply the product to the damaged zone in a single step, either by bull heading or by using a coiled-tubing unit.


The system has an established history of significantly increasing production in wells that were unsuccessfully treated by pumping strong acid or installing gas lift. And wells that were on the verge of being abandoned due to marginal production rates were brought back to profitable production with the MICRO-CURE E2 system.

Thanks to its superior performance over conventional remediation treatments, the MICRO-CURE E2 system was recognized as a winner of the prestigious World Oil Award for Best Production Technology.

As your wellbore remediation needs change to present new production challenges, you can count on Baker Hughes to continue advancing cost-effective, efficient remediation solutions to maximize your reservoir’s production potential.


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