• Provides larger expansion with high-expansion element
  • Isolates along length of liner to eliminate cementing the liner
  • Operates at temperatures up to 350°F and pressures up to 15,000psi

  • Conventional oil and gas wells
  • Deep and shallow gas wells
  • Extreme condition, HP/HT wells



Eliminate annular flow and ensure more uniform inform along the lateral of your well with theRockLockopenhole packerfrom Baker Hughes. A key component in annular isolation, the packer also helps optimize production, delay water/gas coning, and provide positive isolation in your multistage frac applications.

Design innovations ensure reliable deployment

The Rocklock openhole packer incorporates an innovative packing element and backup system that run as an integral part of the completion string. Available in both a standard and a 15k-psi version, the packer provides a reliable seal between the completion system and wellbore during your hydraulic fracturing and zonal isolation applications in extreme, high-pressure/high-temperature (HP/HT) well environments.

Using the first additively manufactured backup system and the proprietaryAptumseal, the RockLock packer creates a long-lasting, reliable seal in irregular openhole wellbores—regardless of fluid type or temperature ranges. The packer’s metal backup system with a high-extrusion resistance elastomer performs reliably in large washouts in openhole sections.

The packer is hydraulically set with lower differential pressure across the piston to help prevent damage to your formation. And with double the expansion percentage of the typical packer and four times the number of casing weights and sizes sealed with a single design, the RockLock packer leaves a fullbore inside diameter (ID) for unrestricted production.

Confidently deploy the packer in the lower completion string between screens, slotted liners, frac point systems, and as means to isolate production intervals. You can also use the packer to isolate the open hole/liner annulus in an openhole completion in conjunction with stage cementing equipment.

Contact us today to learn more about how the RockLock openhole packer can provide a range of reliable isolation options for your completions operations.

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