通过贝克·休斯(Baker Hughes)的水一致性解决方案降低水相关的成本,改善碳氢化合物的产生。亚博竞彩App

When water production interferes with ultimate recovery, our water conformance solutions answer your challenges by optimizing water-to-oil ratios—at any stage of your well’s lifecycle.

与我们的地下生产一致性d assurance services team to diagnose, design, and deploy custom solutions to solve your excess water production issues efficiently and economically. Whether the issue is near wellbore or deep in the reservoir, our solutions change or stop the water flow, improving recovery rates and sweep efficiencies. To increase recovery, our experts apply technologies that focus on water production avoidance, reservoir conformance, shutoff, and flow assurance.



  • Decrease the water cut in your mature wells with theAquacut™相对渗透性修饰符. By selectively targeting only the water phase of your produced fluids, AquaCut reduces the relative amount of water in the production stream to extend your well’s productive life—while lowering your water processing and disposal costs.
  • 通过充气系统在您的酸刺激工作之前,请确保可靠的水关闭。这Inflatable Straddle Acidizing Packer™ (ISAP™)is designed for precise delivery of acids and water control agents—targeting chemical delivery where you need it to help optimize your treatment and maximize production. You’ll also get reliable, robust lower zone water isolation from our range of thru-tubing permanent cement retainers, thru-tubing bridge plugs, and thru-tubing retrievable packers—all designed to improve your intervention operations without having to pull the completion.
  • 通过流入控制设备(ICD)提高注水井中二级恢复操作的效率。当与开放式填料箱进行分隔时,ICD会改善水面的一致性,同时防止注入水和油生产井中的热点。

Equalizer™ portfolio of ICDsoffers a wide variety of designs to suit any operation requirement for pure water or water with polymer additives injection. Equalizers integrated to different types of sand screens can meet any sand or debris exclusion requirement. And deploying Equalizers with sand screens offers an excellent option to enhance the operational flexibility of primary and secondary recovery schemes.

You’ll also get assured water cut reductions, while maintaining hydrocarbon production, with solutions that include a full range of polymers, resins, surfactant blends, cements, and other chemicals.


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