亚博竞彩AppBAKER HUGHES的专业服务主机支持您的维护计划和退役需求:

  • Mechanical, chemical, or gel technology cleaning allow us to match your pipeline conditions and remove debris with minimized downtime. We cover crude oil, refined products, water, natural gas, and specialized petrochemical pipelines, including difficult-to-treat ethylene systems.
  • 为了支持线路检查计划,我们提供一系列定制的临时泵送套件和氮服务
  • 一系列专业服务,可根据维护计划中的任何阶段提供管道隔离
  • 我们了解需要减少抽空气体从管道系统的环境影响,因此我们的清洁燃烧移动燃烧服务和临时的气体转移套餐提供了环保的解决方案
  • After your maintenance program, hydro-testing and nitrogen services provide revalidation and allow a smooth uneventful system restart
  • Water injection and enhanced oil recovery services help maximize your ROI without committing to CAPEX. We offer temporary equipment packages help you to determine if the chosen method of reservoir flooding will respond as predicted before investment in a permanent facility.
  • 我们提供管道退役,捆绑我们的服务产品,以满足您的特定需求

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