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Cement evaluation is crucial in helping you determine the mechanical integrity of the cement bond in your wells. Cement evaluation services from Baker Hughes give you a detailed understanding of cement bond quality—at the wellsite—so that you can make critical downhole decisions with confidence.

无论在井眼中的液体,都有准确的测量,无论井口都有漂亮的羊毛亚博竞彩AppIntegrity eXplorer™ cement evaluation service。通过直接在壳体上产生声波,即使在充足的钻孔和煤气切割泥浆系统中,该服务也可以在任何环境中获取测量。


Our evaluation services give you insights and operational benefits that extend beyond just the quality of the cement bond.

Make more accurate decisions at the rig site.Get cement integrity data right at the well, so you can make faster decisions regarding long-term zonal isolation


Save time and avoid remediation.Make accurate evaluations without having to add wellbore fluids and prevent unnecessary remedial squeeze jobs that come from misinterpreting results

Measure across a wide range of weights.Confidently measure bond quality with cement weights as low as 7 ppg, ideal for evaluating contaminated, lightweight, and foam cement slurries

Contact us to learn how cement evaluation services from Baker Hughes can help you make confident decisions that impact the long-term integrity of your wells.


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