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  • 在高达347°F(175°C)和硬磨碎的地层中实现可靠的BHA性能
  • Economically access bypassed reserves with through-tubing re-entry
  • 具有高积累率能力的速度更快地达到目标区域

  • Coiled tubing drilling
  • Re-entry and preset drilling applications
  • Slimhole HT钻孔



TheCoilTrak™ HT coiled tubing drilling (CTD) bottomhole assembly (BHA)from Baker Hughes can help you increase recovery rates and improve well performance in your challenging slimhole directional CTD applications. Specially designed for high-temperature (HT) re-entry drilling, the BHA gives you reliable drilling performance in a wide variety of formations and in temperatures up to 347°F (175°C).


Use the CoilTrak HT service to access previously bypassed reserves and boost production in your assets by deploying coiled tubing in existing wellbores. As the latest generation of Baker Hughes directional CTD BHA, the CoilTrak HT service gives you access to other specialized CT directional drilling services, including:

  • 井眼位置
  • Drilling process control
  • Formation evaluation
  • Reservoir navigation
  • Slimhole re-entry applications
  • Casing exit execution
  • Underbalanced drilling

您可以通过服务的模块化,特定的服务选项和不同的转向原理来确保精确的操作控制和最佳的井眼放置 - 所有定制工程都用于通过管道重新输入钻探应用程序。

Coiltrak HT服务还为您提供通过电子线的实时沟通,从而有效地管理了井下条件和操作参数,以更快地交付速度和改进的良好性能。

请与我们联系,以了解Coiltrak HT CTD底部孔组件如何提高您的钻井效率,同时最大程度地减少储层损坏。

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