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Navi-Drill™Ultra™系列电动机从贝克·休亚博竞彩App斯(Baker Hughes)发出了坚固,模块化和可配置的功率部分,可提供出色的性能和高质量的孔。电动机在一局,套管的性能和耐用性中保持更长的时间,以超越钻头。


Navi-Drill Ultra HP and Ultra XL-HP motors use high-performance elastomers for additional power output without sacrificing steerability. The elastomers are designed for higher hardness and lower coefficient of thermal expansion to deliver 50% more torque and power downhole for difficult mud systems. Motors enhance this performance in harsh drilling environments further with high-endurance polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) bits.


Flexible design options match the right bit and bottom hole assembly systems to predictably steer and position your well.

The recently launchedUltra Curve™钻机提供了钻高曲线的能力,同时提供精确的方向钻孔控制,以提高钻井页岩井的生产率和效率。电动机具有减小的弯曲长度,并提供了改进的刀具面控制,以在一项运行中完成垂直,曲线和侧面。

Our Ultra XL motors have the strongest power of the Ultra Series and deliver high torque at moderate rotational speed. They drill through hard rock formations using PDC bits, increasing rates of penetration (ROP) in straight-hole and tangent sections and building sections of extended-reach and horizontal wells.

Another new motor in the Ultra series is theUltra XL45™电机, which is designed to drill long, challenging, vertical sections with precise directional control. The motor’s high-torque capability minimizes stick/slip to boost performance and bit life, and with the longest power section in the industry, it provides unmatched power output and reduces drilling time.

Ultra HS和TS电动机以中等扭矩提供高旋转速度。他们使用高性能,浸渍的钻石钻头钻进硬磨碎的岩石。它们比涡轮机短,对压力降低的敏感性较低,它们在更高的ROP上钻取并适应更高的流速。这可以改善孔的清洁,并在硬地层中提供更多的位功率。


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