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  • 减少非生产性时间和井中昂贵的工具损失的风险
  • Store easily at the rig and apply immediately as needed
  • 降低扭矩并拖动到更容易松开管道

  • Stuck pipe events during drilling
  • Extended-reach lateral drilling
  • Drilling through complex, tortuous formations

lower your drilling risks in complex formations withBLACK MAGIC™ spotting fluids贝克休斯。亚博竞彩AppThe most recognized and effective spotting fluids in the industry, BLACK MAGIC spotting fluids reduce your nonproductive time (NPT) by quickly mitigating differential sticking events while drilling.

Reduce friction to reduce risk

The BLACK MAGIC spotting fluid products include a premium-grade asphalt and are available in a variety of carriers for your storage convenience. Our fluids cover both your drill pipe and open hole with a slippery asphalt coating that reduces friction where the wellbore and pipe come into contact. The pipe is then more easily freed by applying lift tension from the rig hoist or jarring action from downhole tools.

Save time and money



黑魔法发现液体通常以25 bbl(3.97-m)运输3), U.S. Coast Guard-approved, steel, rig-storage containers. These containers simplify your storage at the rig site and can be accessed immediately when differential sticking is anticipated or encountered while drilling. And because no mixing of bagged powder and liquid is required at the rig, BLACK MAGIC spotting fluids are quickly and easily administered to loosen stuck pipe. If the fluid requires a higher density, you can simply add a weighting agent right on site prior to administering the fluid.

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