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  • 获得盐度非依赖性的液体饱和分析•
  • Get forward-looking curve response analysis from pre-job modeling

  • Formation fluid saturation monitoring during production
  • Gas cap buildup monitoring
  • Reevaluation of marginal fields



Gain detailed insights for your formation fluid saturation monitoring with theOmniViewTM three- phase fluid saturation analysis servicefrom Baker Hughes. Using a triangulation technique, the service simultaneously analyzes gas vs. liquid and oil vs. water saturation measurements to calculate quantitative three-phase saturation in your formation. The result: a transparent and reliable saturation analysis that you can use to optimize your reservoir’s ongoing production strategies.

Quantitative saturation through casing

The OmniView service gives you quantitative analysis with wireline logging through casing. The service incorporates measurements from the Baker HughesGasView™ quantitative gas saturation analysis service, which provides salinity-independent quantitative gas vs. liquid saturation measurements.

The service also incorporates the carbon/oxygen (C/O) analysis obtained from the Baker HughesReservoir Performance Monitor™ (RPM™) service. The industry’s first multi-detector pulsed neutron instrument, the RPM service provides salinity-independent oil vs. water saturation measurements.

Omniview服务将来自GasView和RPM服务的测量结果纳入Monte Carlo N-Particle(MCNP)建模。生成的前瞻性模型包括矿物学,地层流体密度,井眼保持,完成配置以及地层气体压力和密度的不同组合。


This integrated analysis provides the industry’s first three-phase saturation measurement through the casing, which you can use to optimize reservoir development planning or extend the production life of your mature, marginal fields.



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