• 仅在几分钟内切下管道
  • Minimize installation and deployment time
  • Optimize fishing operations

  • Offshore jobs requiring thick drill pipe cutting ahead of fishing operations
  • Onshore jobs using heavyweight drill pipe



迅速,精确地切穿最厚的钻孔井下电工工具(DECT)极端from Baker Hughes.

DECT极端包括DECT001工具安装with 2.75-in. DECT Extreme cutting heads. The cutting heads are proven to effectively cut up to 1.125-in. thick-walled drill pipe.

You’ll save time and rig costs by quickly installing the Extreme head right at your well, immediately followed by rig up. And with the full remote support of our application experts, you’re assured rapid tool deployment to depth.

一旦确认管道处于紧张状态,DECT Extreme就开始切割,并在短短几分钟内完成操作。确认切口后,DECT Extreme Tool String很容易从孔中拉出,可以迅速继续进行钓鱼操作,以检索剩余的任何物品。

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