SARB abrasive perforation case study.

Here's how we helped a customer restore productivity of this highly sour oil well and save $4.3 million.


确保无缝项目执行并降低运营成本integrated well services(IWS) from Baker Hughes. Combining project management expertise, a comprehensive technology portfolio, and superior service delivery, IWS helps you optimize project performance and value.

Full-service project support

Whatever your specific project goals and needs, our IWS group delivers proven solutions and services that elevate your daily operations in several key areas

  • 降低项目的总拥有成本。Leverage our project execution expertise to reduce your total ownership costs. Ensure that every activity is carried out with the highest regard for safety through our unmatched commitment to health, safety, and environment (HSE).通过我们正在进行的C降低操作的环境足迹ommitment to reduce our carbon footprint and use materials and services for improved preservation of land, water, and air quality. And with our “One Team” performance approach and a life-of-project execution mindset, you’re assured optimized performance at every stage of your project’s lifecycle—with minimal downtime and cost overruns.

  • Boost project efficiency and repeatability through lean operations.Execute your operations with individuals who are encouraged to think and act like a team. Through a culture of interdependence, your project will see gains in operational efficiency and repeatability. Our commitment to lean operations, teamwork, and ongoing technology advancement will help you achieve consistent well delivery—from contract award to ongoing production optimization to final project close out.

  • Improve project execution by leveraging digitalization and automation.通过自动化和数字技术在IWS投资组合中的发展,将您的Wellsite操作提高到新的可靠性,安全性和成本性能。通过我们的实时操作和项目优化功能来优化里识的执行和人员部署。在整个项目的生命周期中,借助远程监控和管理,我们可以帮助您提高更高的恢复率,提高产量并最大程度地减少中断或安全风险。随着人工智能(AI)和数字自动化工具的越来越多,您将受益于改进的井结构和生产,增强的维护计划,提高制造效率以及加速学习曲线。

  • Create maximum project value through flexible commercial models.Working with IWS gives you access to an extensive blend of experience and competency cultivated across all types of operations and operators—from national oil companies to large supermajors to small independents. We bring this experience to develop commercial models that fully address your commercial and operational risks. We’ll work with you to design and implement the most cost-efficient and effective program solution to address your specific challenges and deliver on your operational goals.

当您的项目和操作环境面临新的挑战时,贝克·休斯(Baker Hughes IW)准备为您提供帮助。亚博竞彩App指望我们帮助您更加协作工作并创造更多的项目价值,这是您和您的项目合作伙伴。

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