亚博竞彩Appreservoir technical services(RTS)提供地下智能,技术创新和经验,以制定能够在您的资产生活中推动绩效,生产和利润的策略。


  • Provide accurate interpretation and evaluation
  • Deliver faster, better reservoir understanding
  • Offer expert recommendations on well placement and construction
  • Maximize well production and enhance hydrocarbon recovery
  • Leverage the energy transition
Accurate interpretation and evaluation

For insight into reserves’ potential and accessibility, RTS teams will work with you to capture, organize, reprocess, and merge raw data in a consistent manner to streamline the distribution of critical formation properties. And, when data are limited, they can identify commercially successful analogues by correlating available data with Baker Hughes studies, actual results, or available source-rock samples. Our experts are specialized in every facet of wireline logging and logging while drilling (LWD) to assist in log and image interpretation, play evaluation, mineralogy, core-log integration, pressure testing, and fluid characterization.

Faster, better reservoir understanding

To forecast the performance of complex oil and gas reservoirs, subsurface attributes are then mapped into a fully integrated 3D reservoir model and simulated. For accurate and fast modeling of complex geology, our Reservoir Software experts use the JewelSuite™ subsurface modeling software that provides a full seismic-to-simulation workflow-based solution. This fit-for-purpose structural modeling and gridding workflow dramatically reduces time by integrating 1D, 3D, and 4D geomechanics with 3D reservoir models and reservoir simulation. Quicker, smarter models result in faster and more profitable business decisions.

Expert recommendations

The more you understand the reservoir, the better positioned you are to maximize profitable recovery. But, when you are limited by available resources or experience, or second-guessing a complex evaluation, our experts can help you simplify the workflow and ease uncertainty from interpretation through design.

With years of experience in geoscience, modeling and simulation, economics, and reservoir engineering, our professionals conduct integrated, multidisciplinary exploitation studies to recommend the optimum technical and economic reservoir exploitation plan.

Enhanced well production and hydrocarbon recovery

Our RTS teams can help you make better business decisions and improve production performance by leveraging experienced production and reservoir specialists that perform integrated asset modeling, and provide continuous operations surveillance to measure, model, and interpret data.

Many mature fields that have been successfully produced now require improved recovery processes to extract their remaining value. Our consultants can help you conduct reservoir performance analyses to identify areas of bypassed oil and determine the most profitable approach to recover it, such as waterflood, steam injection, and carbon-dioxide gas injection.


In addition to providing analysis of reservoirs containing hydrocarbons, RTS teams can leverage the practical experience gained over hundreds of reservoir and production enhancement studies to enhance our customers’ understanding of their underground gas storage (UGS),碳捕获,尿布和存储(CCUS)和地热储层。与能源过渡相关的地下研究的强大而增长的记录,以及多年的地球科学,地球力学,水库工程,生产技术和生产化学场所,意味着RTS的理想位置可以在这些项目的所有地下方面提供建议,并最大程度地提出建议并最大程度地提出建议。our customers’ return on investment.

反对tact your Baker Hughes representative today to learn how RTS teams can provide insight you need to better understand your reservoir and determine the most-efficient methods to capture its full potential and maximize your ultimate recovery.

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