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  • Real-time downhole sensor data
  • Tension/compression data
  • Torque, compression, equivalent circulating density, and RPM readings
  • Fishing
  • Milling
  • Whipstock casing exits

Well intervention operations are getting more complicated. Margins for error are shrinking. Imprecision has steep consequences.

Smart intervention services improve the economics of well intervention and optimize production through data analytics and downhole insight.

xSight™ smart intervention servicesfrom Baker Hughes give you the digital insight you need to intervene with intelligence. Beyond their natural fit with wellbore intervention operations, xSight services deliver data and insight that make well construction more efficient, enhance production strategies, and reduce OPEX in plug-and-abandonment operations.

xSight services offer the following:

  • live downhole sensing and fluid-driven power generation
  • bidirectional communication between the bottomhole assembly and the surface so you can optimize operations at the rig
  • cloud-based services like remote monitoring, real-time operational advice, and broad-spectrum digital insight

Smart intervention is no longer just a vision or a hope for the future. xSight smart intervention services are here, and they are using digital insight to change the way the industry approaches well intervention.

Contact your Baker Hughes representative to find out how xSight smart intervention services can help you intervene with intelligence.

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