通过贝克·休斯(Baker Hughes)的高级盘管特殊服务,优化井干预的性能和经济性。亚博竞彩App

Our specialty technologies, developed over years of field experience and industry demand, address a wide range of applications.

  • 这proprietaryCIRCA™ modeling softwarebrings greater efficiency to your CT applications with advanced design capabilities. Use the software’s advanced solids transport analysis to plan effective sand cleanouts in challenging wellbore geometries. And CIRCA’s transient analysis software lets our engineers predict accurate pressure responses and movement of solids and fluids as your CT process continues.
  • 独特TeleCoil™ systemdelivers real-time downhole information, including collar location and bottomhole and tool differential pressure and temperature, to improve CT efficiency and accuracy.
  • 亚博竞彩AppEasyReach™工具creates vibrations along the entire length of CT in the wellbore, enabling deeper penetration into extended-reach laterals. Combine this tool with ourEcoglide™环保,非塑造润滑剂for an economical means for CT access in long horizontal wellbores.
  • Legs™横向进入系统可以在多边井中可靠,选择性重新进入常规CT刺激和清理处理。
  • Duralink™阀杆连接器provides a highly reliable tube-to-tube connection to enable mobilization of longer, larger-diameter CT that would otherwise be limited to crane or road capacities.
  • PipeCheck™系统可以在关键的CT操作之前或期间运行,以实时监视管道完整性,直径,壁厚,卵形和局部缺陷。

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