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  • Make detailed evaluations without having to pull the tubing
  • Identify casing defects, including longitudinal cracks and transverse cracks and holes
  • Acquire temperature and pressure profiles and determine depth of sustained casing pressure

  • Quantitative determination of thickness and corrosion of casing/tubing
  • 多弦套管评估
  • Operating oil, gas, and water wells, onshore or offshore

亚博竞彩App贝克休斯的Aperio™ Electro-Magnetic Defectoscope (EMD)gives you a detailed understanding of the casing barrier integrity in your wells. Using transient electromagnetics, the Aperio EMD quantitatively measures metal thickness and anomalies in up to four casing barriers and confirms the presence or absence of a fifth barrier.


通过对Aperio EMD的三组电磁传感器的测量灵敏度,对多个壁垒进行准确评估(没有井眼,环流或水泥的任何干扰)。这些传感器提供了简短,中和深度的调查,以确定有关外壳质量的关键信息:

  • 由于腐蚀而导致的局部减少套管壁厚的厚度
  • Mechanical wear, including hard-to-detect wear situations like key seats
  • Cracks, flaws, holes, zones of explosive perforation, and damage to sand screens
  • 外部屏障项圈和中央位置的存在选择窗口深度进行侧面操作和插头设置深度
  • Time-lapse monitoring of multiple barriers to optimize well integrity intervention and workover operations

Aperio EMD的高速瞬态电磁激发可为您提供频率和标准多频电磁工具的更广泛且更密集的频谱。改进的频谱可提高您的信噪比,以增强工具响应。

The Aperio EMD also incorporates data from your gamma ray, pressure, and temperature sensors. The gamma-ray sensor provides depth correlation of your EMD logs. Pressure data helps evaluate borehole fluid contacts or perform a gradient survey. And detailed temperature data helps you identify the potential for annular fluid flow.

通过将Aperio EMD的数据与其他Aperio Well Integrity服务相结合,包括光谱噪声工具(NTO),多指成像工具(MIT)Caliper Log,Radial Bond工具(RBT)和生产记录,来扩大外壳检查的频谱工具(PLT)。

请与我们联系,以了解Aperio EMD如何最大程度地了解您对套管字符串完整性的理解。

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