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  • Isolate upper and lower zones to ensure unrestricted production from the upper zone
  • Eliminate cable strain with no relative movement between the tubing and electric cable
  • 利用金属备份系统优化验证的滑动元件滑动设计差异性能
  • 使用多端口配置以排出环形压力,注入流体和接入仪器线



TheElecPak™ electric submersible pump (ESP) packerfrom Baker Hughes facilitates the use of an electric submersible pump in your well. The packer’s design innovations let you incorporate an integral electric cable penetrator or a feed-through drop-in penetrator system. This multiple-port configuration allows for simultaneous venting of annular pressure, fluid injection, and instrument wire access.


The ElecPak ESP packer is a single-string, retrievable pump packer with a dual-string completion carrying the ESP system, two control/injection lines, and a power cable. The packer’s single string goes below the ESP system and lower completion while on top, the dual string carries the oil and gas to the surface. The packer accepts industry-standard feed-through, drop-in penetrators, or molded integral penetrator systems


ELECPAK ESP包装器通过液压设定,机械锁定和直拉剪切释放提供简单的操作。

The packing element is also designed for flexibility, with elements available in either standard nitrile or optional HNBR/FEPM. Regardless, every element delivers a reliable seal, qualified to stringent API ISO 14310 V-3 standards. The ElecPak ESP packer also comes in multiple metallurgy options to meet downhole flow wetted requirements.

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