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Reduce overall pumping time with quick, continuous hydraulic fracturing using ourFracPoint™ ball-activated multistage fracturing system. The FracPoint portfolio contains single-entry and multiple-entry sleeve options for cemented and openhole applications.

系统已经安装,后阶段olated using openhole packers or cement. The sleeves are then activated, using various-sized frac balls dropped from the surface as the fracturing treatment is pumped, providing nonstop fracturing operations. After fracturing is complete, production can begin immediately, and ourIN-Tallic™ disintegrating frac ballsdisintegrate in the well to ensure a clear flow path without through-tubing intervention.

Create cluster perforations with multiple-entry sleeves

FracPoint multi-point (MP) sleeves mimic the cluster perforations of a plug-and-perf completion, but require 50% less fracturing time. The MP sleeves use graduated balls and ball seats to open up to five sleeves per stage with a single frac ball for increased efficiency.

Achieve precise placement with single-entry sleeves

FracPoint single-entry sleeves enable precision placement of fracture treatments along the wellbore. Successively sized ball seats correspond to different-sized IN-Tallic frac balls, enabling the sequential treatment of individual stages. As each stage is fractured, the ball for the next stage is dropped. Once the ball lands on seat, a set amount of pressure opens the sleeve and that stage is fractured.

To enable maximum efficiency and optimized frac cycle times at all lateral depths, FracPoint sleeves can be combined with other isolation devices such as SHADOW™ frac plugs,QUIK Drill™ composite bridge plugs and frac plugs, and the coiled tubing-activatedOptiPort™ multistage fracturing system.

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