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  • Reduce HP/HT fluid loss
  • Strengthen fractured and porous formations
  • 在各种温度和钻井液制剂中获得有效的润滑性
  • 水基和逆变乳液钻井液系统
  • Highly depleted reservoirs and depleted HP/HT wells
  • Loss of circulation, from seepage losses to total loss of returns

控制钻井液的循环损耗LC-Lube™synthetic graphite particulate来自Bak亚博竞彩Apper Hughes。特别配制的合成石墨颗粒,LC-Lube有效地减轻了耗尽,高度渗透储层和高压/高温(HP / HT)孔的返回的总漏损。

Get multi-functional performance in a single additive


  • 作为石墨颗粒,LC-LUBE用作大多数钻井液的固体润滑剂和摩擦减速器。这使其成为可用作滑动辅助装置,以增加重量转移到位并辅助运行衬里。
  • LC-lube.has excellent sealing and bridging properties. Adding LC-LUBE to a mud aids in the “stress cage” wellbore strengthening technique, which helps the reservoir rock maintain integrity in an overbalance situation. LC-LUBE’s high deformability helps form an effective pressure seal in the throats of fractures—thus preventing fracture propagation and reducing filtration losses. LC-LUBE is a key component of the MAX-BRIDGE™ system for drilling highly permeable and fractured formations where massive circulation losses and differential sticking are common.
  • LC-LUBE是化学惰性和热稳定的,使其与所有其他钻井液添加剂和HP / HT应用相容。LC-LUBE可以可靠地添加到水,油和合成的泥浆中,流体流变学无显着增加 - 即使在高达30磅/磅/桶(85.8kg / m)上添加)3) throughout the mud system.



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