Assuring optimal flow from your reservoir requires a thorough understanding of the complex interplay between the produced fluids, the formation rock, the production equipment, and the composition of the production stream. Production Chemistry solutions from the Baker Hughes Reservoir Technical Services (RTS) offer the full spectrum of modeling, reservoir and fluids analysis, and production chemistry support to develop optimal flow assurance strategies and troubleshoot existing production challenges.

Specific tools and services in our Production Chemistry portfolio include:

  • Modelling.Use our proprietary models, workflows, and modeling expertise to get an in-depth assessment of current and future production risks and opportunities. Our wide range of commercial and proprietary tools cover production chemistry, flow assurance, integrity, and production technology to guide you toward the right production optimization strategy.
  • Phase reviews (oil, water, gas, solids).We give you full-spectrum phase analysis and a ranked assessment of your major flow assurance and asset integrity risks. Our oil reviews assess the flow assurance risks related to waxes, asphaltenes, naphthenates, emulsions, and foaming. Solids analysis gives you insight to potential blockages or erosion risks from process solids, reservoir sand and particulates, scales, and chemical “gunk.” And our detailed water and gas phase reviews assess risks related to corrosion, scaling, hydrate formation, and water clarification.
  • Production chemistry support.Whether you need a preliminary review of a new opportunity or want to troubleshoot an existing asset, we deliver a range of support services to meet your production chemistry needs throughout the life of your field. Our expert team of chemists give you valuable insights to make informed decisions on further test work, improved chemical selection and injection strategies, and production guidance.
  • Chemical management support.Gain an additional informed perspective or get more on-site support with our application experts and chemistry support services. Call us when you need us, and we’ll deliver the required support for your specific challenge.
  • Water injection reviews.锐化您对海水潜在威胁的理解,并产生注水计划。我们的分析服务可帮助您评估水注射厂和井运行的风险,包括腐蚀和扩展趋势,粘土稳定性,生物污垢和杀生物酰亚胺应用以及滋养研究。
  • 材料选择。Ensure that your production infrastructure is compatible with your produced fluids and treatment chemicals with our comprehensive materials screening and selection services. Our laboratory screenings assess the expected duty that materials will see in your production and injection systems and then deliver metallurgy and elastomer recommendations suitable for long service life.

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