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Turbine Control Systems
Solutions for Hydro, Wind, Gas and Steam Turbines

When you needdependable asset management and improved analyticsfrom your turbine and turbine control solutions,联系续rols, a Baker Hughes business (formerly known as GE Energy Control Solutions), and ourover 100 years of experiencecan deliver.

You requiretailored outcomesfor your Gas, Steam,Hydro Turbine Generator, and Turbine Driven Compressor control systems, and our global team of domain experts willleverage a deep portfolio of reliable control platformsto get the results you need. Our experienced team of domain experts hassuccessfully delivered over 11,000 projectsworldwideacross multiple industrial applications. The Nexus Controlsglobal engineering and manufacturing network provides customers with dependable local supportto ensure that your Gas Turbine, Steam Turbine, and Turbine Compressor control systems start up the first time while meeting your schedule.

For yourOriginal Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) solutions, Nexus Controls’long-standing relationships with reputable manufacturerssuch as General Electric and Baker Hughes’ Turbomachinery & Process Solutions (TPS), formerly known as Nuovo Pignone,afford us unprecedented access to an extended team of equipment experts giving us, and you, a distinct advantage over competing solutions.

联系续rols’ extensive unit controls experience encompasses most OEM providers.Our deep knowledge allows our team of experts to identify and quickly understand site-specific concernsto deliver solutions that best meet your specific needs.

Nexus Turbine & Compressor Solutions
Nexus OnCore Control System

As a plant operator,you need all the advantages you can get when it comes to improving the speed and accuracy of your decision-makingwhen your assets fail to operate under normal conditions. Nexus Controls' - NexusOnCoreControl System is anadvanced, fully configurable solution that improves asset visibility, provides built-in troubleshooting and maintenance tools, offers simplified expansion capabilities, and reduces overall installation and training costs.

The NexusOnCoreControl System does this byincreasing visibility into the lifecycle of your assets, improving troubleshooting, and simplifying programming. Unlike costly third-party platforms, the NexusOnCoreControl System also allows users to perform online configurations and changes.

TheNexusOnCoreControl Systemoffersa unified software environmentthat can quickly and accurately change the application system logic thatcontrols plant operations in real-time, online.This capability optimizes up-timewithout the need to rely on the manufacturer.

Nexus OnCore Control Systems HERO
Nexus OnCore Safety System

In today’s competitive production environment, process industries demand control and safety systems that increase productivity, reliability, and quality while lowering costs. The NexusOnCore† Safety System is a next-generation Safety Instrumented System (SIS) that is anadvanced, easy-to-learn, easy-to-use, fully configurable solution that creates failsafe conditions to protect people and equipment.

NexusOnCoresystemsincrease equipment availability, reliability, and maintainability对于旋转机械,提供一个广泛的,specialized portfolio that includes critical cybersecurity features and a diagnostic approach to the OEM system vendor.

The NexusOnCoreSafety Systemcomplies with IEC 61508 (2010),有一个系统capability of SC 3(Systematic Capability) andSafety Integrity Level (SIL) 3 by 2oo3 (2 out of 3) architectural design standards. It can be applied to those applications where customers are wanting to achieve a system rating up to SIL 3. SIL is an indication of the reliability of safety instrumented functions (SIF) or its Probability of Failure on Demand (PFD).

Nexus OnCore Safety System
GE Mark™ Control System

Are you running a GE Mark environment? Do you needhelp with upgrading those systemsto next-gen solutions that will offer your greater accuracy, control, and actionable insights?联系续rols (formerly known as GE Energy Control Solutions) is GE Power’s Mark Controller installed base preferred upgrade provider.Our global team of over 900 employees isresponsible for the successful completion of more than 95% of all GE Mark Controller upgradescompleted to date.

Our extensive GE Mark unit controller experience encompasses Gas Turbine Controls, Steam Turbine Units Controls, Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Integrated Controls, OptiComp† Turbine Compressor Trains Surge Protection, and Nuclear Steam Turbine Controls.

Our engineered GE Mark IV, GE Mark V, and Mark VI migrationsprovide a balanced solution that eliminates your obsoleted hardware risks while maximizing the reuse of existing controller hardware to minimize your cost.

For customers interested in full rip and replacement solutions,we offer robust GE Mark I to GE Mark VI cabinet replacements. We can provide simplex, duel, and triple-mode redundant (TMR) GE Mark VIe controller solutions to meet your equipment risk management needs.Standard and SIL configurations are availableto meet your industry standards.

联系续rols offersa comprehensive portfolio ofIndustrial Cybersecurity, Excitation, Services, Mechanical, and Instrumentation & Controls productsto complement your GE Mark VIe controller and enable our team of domain experts to support your turnkey solution needs.

Woodward Control System

联系续rols, a Baker Hughes business (formerly known as GE Energy Control Solutions) isa qualified Woodward Control solution provider. The roots of our business stemmed from The Woodward Governor Company Hydro, and the Engine & Turbine Controls divisions that were established in 1957. General Electric purchased these two divisions from The Woodward Governor Company, along with all the sole legal rights to the Hydro IP and mechanical drawings, in May 2000.Today more than 30% of our current employees are original to The Woodward Governor Company.

You will benefit from the collective knowledge that our team of subject matter experts hasgained from decades of successfully completed projects spanning a wide range of control platforms. Our Woodward unit controller experience encompasses501, 505, 723, DSLC, Netcon, Atlas, Micronet, and Micronet+*to name a few.

If you are looking for solutions to manage risks associated with your obsolete Woodward controller,联系续rols is the right partner because we have the sole legal rights to the original IP and drawings.We will work with your team to understand your business challenges and deliver solutions that willprovide you with a balanced outcome.

Our comprehensive portfolio empowers our team to deliver turnkey solutions.We have a complete portfolio of DCS,Industrial Cybersecurity, Excitation, Services, Mechanical, and Instrumentation & Controls productsto complement your controller system.

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Human Machine Interface and Communication Networks

If you're looking forHuman Machine Interfaces (HMI) and Communication Networksolutions,联系续rolscan help. We offer a complete portfolio of NexusOnCoreHMI and Communication Network products in addition tosupport of your GE Mark HMI fleet.Our global engineering and service teamsupgrade over 600 HMI systems annuallyacross multiple industrial verticals including Renewables (Hydro, Solar, Wind), Thermal Power, Oil & Gas, and Petrochemical verticals.

The HMI, network, and cybersecurityturnkey solutions we provide address hardware, software, and security obsolescenceincluding the ability to optimize, expand and secure your existing controls communication network. Nexus Controls HMI solutions includestate-of-the-art thin client and traditional thick client HMI hardware with the latest Microsoft Windows® software.

Our投资组合包括SCADA、RTU、网络交换机、firewalls, and routers. We cancustomize your protocol interfacesall in a secure network architecture. We offeradvanced remote-control and access solutions for unmanned remote site startupas well as remote centralized control room solutions over a secure connection which includes controller hardware and software logic upgrades.

Human Machine Interface and Communication Networks

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