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可容易的景点线,贝克休亚博竞彩App斯的业务,提供超声波液体和气体夹流仪表:TransPort PT878GC for gas; and the运输PT900for liquid。这se ultrasonic flow metersutilize ultrasound to measure the velocity of a given fluid or gas- 也称为“流动” - 用于多种流体和气体应用中,从废水和各种燃料到天然气和压缩空气。

这se metersattach to pipe fixtures to measure the flowwithin the pipe. Quick installation and meter readings enable our users to continue their process不必关闭。仪表的可移植性允许设备移至众多测量位置, making it easy to spot-check the flow, verify the flow meter, or temporarily install the device.

two available types of ultrasonic flow meters,我们提供一个liquid measurement还有一个gas measurement

  • 运输PT900使用坚固且直观的智能设备/平板电脑,并包括新的紧凑型夹具固定装置以及无线功能。它的易于使用的设计使操作员相信其液体测量是准确的。
  • TransPort PT878GC是用于天然气管道,压缩空气,惰性气体或任何其他压缩气体应用的短期流量调查设计的夹具流量计。具有能力测量气体流量,然后记录和导出重要数据, this useful meter measures erosive, corrosive, toxic, high-purity, and sterile gasses.

TransPort® PT900 Portable Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meter

运输PT900is a portable ultrasonic liquid clamp-on flow meter. It easily attaches to the piping fixture to measure flow within the pipe. Users have no need to cut into the pipe and cause delays and downtime.这PT900 can also be used to spot-check other meters or deploy for temporary安装。现在可以找到用于Android和iOS移动设备的运输PT900的应用程序。-Get the app for iOS


  • 水和废水 /冷却和加热水
  • 超纯水和液体 /水 /糖溶液
  • 原油 /精制碳氢化合物
  • Diesel and fuel oils / Lubricating oils
  • 化学物质
  • 食品与饮品
  • 药物


Historically, clamp-on flow meters仅限于液体because existing methods could not work on metal pipes containing gases.


TransPort PT878portable gas flow meter is a complete ultrasonic flow metering system for measuring most gases including:

  • 天然气
  • Compressed air
  • 燃料气体
  • Erosive & corrosive gases
  • Toxic gases
  • 高纯气气体
  • Air separation gases

This flow meter can be installed in just minutes without needing to shut down, thus avoiding costly downtime.

What are ultrasonic flow meters used for?

Ultrasonic flow meters use运输时间以确定管道中的液体或气体流量。


In the case of监护权转移,使用超声流量计来计算产品的流量,从而计算一个从一方转移到另一方的流量。

显然,然后准确性对所有相关方都非常重要, from those who are procuring and delivering raw product, producing a refined material, those tasked with delivering the material, to the eventual end recipient.

clamp on portable flowmeter
How do I choose a flow meter size?

虽然当今使用的流量计有很多类型,但the ultrasonic flow meter is by far and away the most popular flow meter,部分感谢它高精度和低维护设计

当选择一个超声波流量计的年代pecific application,you'll need to ask yourself:

  • 我检测到的流体的独特特性是什么?
  • What pressures or temperatures are present?
  • Is this for Custody Transfer, Municipal Metering, or something else?
  • 最小/最大可接受的测量范围是多少?
  • 您要将检测器连接到多大的管道(线条尺寸)?
  • Do you require a portable solution or a static one?

超声流量计计算和报告体积流量,并报告typically use transit-time这样做。当运输时间计算时在流体流动方向传播的声波以与沿相反方向行进的速度传播的差异。This calculated difference is proportional to fluid velocity.

与其他机械流量计不同,ultrasonic flowmeters do not have any moving parts。Ultrasonic meters offer additional benefits by beingeasier to install, with minimal maintenance, especially when compared to other flow meter types.


这re are two types of ultrasonic flow meters, which are defined by their measurement method,多普勒and Transit Time


中的一个drawbacks to the Doppler versionis that they require the liquid being measured to have bubbles in it, in order for the doppler signals to reflect off of them, to achieve an accurate measurement. The problem, of course, is that 1) you will need to introduce bubbles into your target liquid, 2) different bubbles travel at different velocities, and 3) a signal reflected by a particle may very well hit another particle or bubble, thus altering your results.


运输时间的工作方式与多普勒方法相反,并且不需要液体中存在气泡。在运输时间版本中,测量的运输时间不仅包括the time the ultrasonic signal spends in a fluid but also of a portion of “dead time,”作为电信号转换为声学信号的时间以及声信号在传感器内部传播的时间。

经过sending a pulse and measuring its reflection,死时间是实时测量的,而不是使用预设值。


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