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  • 保护生产系统免受腐蚀引起的故障
  • Extend asset life by accurately identifying root cause of corrosion
  • 随着系统状况的变化,确保治疗绩效保持有效和成本效益

  • 生产井
  • Storage tanks
  • Processing facilities



Cronox™腐蚀控制解决方案from Baker Hughes protect the lifetime and productivity of your assets by reducing equipment failure, maximizing production time, and reducing leaks and spills. By combining innovative chemistries, knowledgeable experts, and continuous monitoring, we ensure the right chemical treatment program is implemented to solve your corrosion challenge.

Target corrosion challenges under any circumstance

Whether applied at the first sign of corrosive activity or later to mitigate further damage, our comprehensive line of inhibitors protects against corrosion in any production, storage, transport, or processing equipment — regardless of the cause or conditions. This includes inhibitors specially formulated to protect against corrosion in:

  • sour or high-CO2 environments
  • systems with oxygen ingress
  • high-pressure/high-temperature (HP/HT) and high-velocity environments.


亚博竞彩App贝克·休斯(Baker Hughes)腐蚀专家了解现场状况,应用类型和化学作用如何影响治疗结果。因此,我们的每种腐蚀抑制剂都经过广泛的测试,以确保我们为您的资产完整性需求开发最佳的治疗设计。实施后,我们将继续监视和调整您的治疗,以确保稳定且具有成本效益的绩效。

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