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  • Ensure permanent zonal isolation without having to pump cement to inflate a packer
  • 通过阻断气体或液体的运动来保护水泥
  • 通过隔离水泥来保护敏感的地层

  • Run in single or stacked in multiples to provide increased seal length
  • Isolate production intervals
  • Isolate the open hole/liner annulus in openhole completions



Ensure a quality cement job and protect sensitive formations with theMPas™ mechanical packerfrom Baker Hughes. A primary cementing and zone isolation packer, the MPas packer uses a noninflatable packing element run as an integral part of the casing string to provide a robust, permanent seal between the casing and wellbore.

Assured sealing for the life of the packer

The MPas mechanical packer has an elastomeric element with composite structure, which is set mechanically by shifting a balance sleeve. This allows wellbore hydrostatic pressure to act against an atmospheric chamber and apply a setting force to the noninflatable element. The element is then mechanically locked, which eliminates the requirement of the wellbore fluid to maintain the set.



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