Flexible solutions that evolve throughout field life

这Baker HughesAptara™family of TOTEX-lite productsis born from our life-of-field approach. The Aptara name is derived from Latin for “adapt” or “fit”. It signifies the flexibility of this range of products to meet the evolving needs of operators from installation right through to end of field life. We have re-engineered the subsea system to make installation, production, and intervention simpler and more efficient—dramatically lowering total cost of ownership (TCO).

Next-generation technology


Innovative life-of-field approach

Aptara系列产品将一种创新方法与行业 - 一级专利技术相结合,以提供具有更短的交货时间的海底系统,降低初始资本资本资本,并确保OPEX在您的现场生活中节省的 - 使其成为Totex-Lite家族。我们彻底不同的野生场处方法为您带来了一套重量轻,紧凑且优化的产品套件,以减少TCO。Aptara Subsea系统的主要构建块是:

  • Aptara lightweight compact tree
  • Aptara modular compact manifold
  • Aptara modular compact pump
  • Aptara composite flexibles
  • Aptara SFX井口解决方案
  • Aptara subsea connection systems
  • FLX360 multi-quick connection system
  • HCCS-L lightweight horizontal clamp connection system
Aptara lightweight compact tree


Aptara modular compact manifold

的Aptara compact block manifold addresses the industry’s need for modular, pre-engineered manifolds that use off-the-shelf components, reducing cycle time, cost, and footprint. We have achieved a level of standardization that limits the engineering to the manifold header, structural steel, and foundation, resulting in faster delivery, with reduced risks and costs. For the most common configuration, the manifold will be a make-to-order variant with zero product engineering—and delivered in 10 months from the award of contract.

Aptara modular compact pump (MCP)

Aptara MCP subsea systemis the world’s first subsea multi-phase pump without a barrier fluid system, reducing topside footprint by 50% and cutting system costs. The standard pre-qualified 1 MW building blocks enable the MCP to be configured to different field requirements quickly and easily, and our life-of-field approach to design is evident in unique features that reduce the TCO.


Aptara composite flexibles

这composite riser flexible pipe is a step-change product. It provides a cost-effective solution for ultra-deepwater applications in water depths up to around 10,000 ft (3,048 m). This new product is a hybrid of traditional flexible pipe designs, introducing 21st-century materials technology for one specific layer—bringing 30% weight savings without affecting bending radius or compressive load capability.

For risers, this is achieved by reducing hang-off weights and platform burdens, simplifying riser configurations, and minimizing ancillaries and subsea infrastructure, while keeping exposure to new technology to a minimum. The product eliminates riser-system complexity and reduces cost and installation time, while delivering predictable and stable hydrodynamic performance over the full product lifecycle.


Aptara SFX井口解决方案

Aptara SFX井口解决方案专注于提高疲劳抗性,以最大化操作员的现场寿命选择。贝克Hu亚博竞彩Appghes的野外设计方法通过良好的干预活动转化为生产增强,即使在田间运营的后期生命和长寿中,均具有比传统的井口系统的风险较低。APTARA SFX井口解决方案使您可以在未来几年内可靠地规定您的井中活动,并更有信心。

Aptara subsea connection systems

Aptara FLX360多快连接(MQC)系统enables fast and reliable connections between all elements of the subsea distribution system. It uses a patented locking mechanism that leaves a single moving part of the design on the seabed. The complexity of the connection system is housed within the retrievable and serviceable ROV tooling. Its unique life-of-field design also allows maintenance in situ with no need for disconnection of the connector, thereby reducing TCO. The Aptara FLX360 family is extended to provide reliable and compact connection for steel tube flying leads, as well as umbilical termination in a cobra head assembly.

Aptara HCCS-L subsea systemis a proven horizontal connector suitable for rigid and flexible jumpers and spools, as well as umbilical termination with use of multi-bore hub technology. The HCCS-L range is designed to be lighter, smaller and optimized to reduce make-up time, allowing for rapid installation. The range comes with a pre-mounted stroking tool and requires fewer subsea operations, reducing connection time by more than 30%. The unique Baker Hughes push-type stroking functionality allows full access for cleaning and cap replacement with the pre-mounted stroking tool.


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