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  • Overview


    Features & Benefits




    合并Pilot Valves offer industry leading performance with both main valve and pilot seat tightness up to 98% of set pressure. This advanced design ensures zero-leakage during normal operating conditions for even the most demanding high-pressure applications.

    Stable & Efficient Overpressure Cycle

    遥感配置消除了具有> 3%入口线路损耗的应用中快速循环阀抖动,使固结的POSRV能够以稳定和有效的方式打开和释放压力。调制方式与您的超压飞行员按比例开放,确保平滑的开放循环,并仅缓解所需的容量,保持操作安全,高效可靠。

    Flexible & Modular Design


    In-Service Testing

    No need to shut down your process to send your PRV to a service shop, conduct a standard set pressure test in the field while your process is running with theConsolidated Field Test Connection accessory. It comes standard with every Consolidated Pilot Valve, and allows you to conduct your set pressure test while the valve is live in service and continuously protecting your pressure vessel.


    The Consolidated full-bore POSRVs allows you to maximize capacity with smaller valve sizes, saving you money, space, and weight.

    Smaller & Lighter Profile



    Full-Nozzle Option

    CN 2900

    For corrosive service applications, the Consolidated 2900 Series provides a full-nozzle Pilot Valve design option. With a full-nozzle, the media is isolated from the inlet neck area of the main valve body, allowing you to avoid costly exotic material upgrades in some corrosive service applications.

    Easily Upgrade Your Direct Spring PRV


    If you have an existing installation of a Direct Spring PRV that is oversized, improperly specified, or could benefit from the features and benefits a high performance Pilot Valve has to offer, the solution is the Consolidated 2900 Series Pilot Valve. This is the only Pilot Valve solution in the market that is able to replace any manufacturer’s API 526 Direct Spring PRV without piping modification caused by center-to-face dimensional differences.Click Hereto learn more about the unique Consolidated drop in replacement Pilot Valve.