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Masoneilan 35002系列Camflex™旋转控制lve

  • 描述:

    1968年推出原创摄箱箱时,它创造了一种革命性的新型控制阀 - 旋转地球。这种新型阀门融合了传统地球阀的最佳控制特征,具有旋转动作,以产生能够在当时更换至少80%的控制阀的阀门。

    自那个时间以来已经制定了许多改进和增强功能,拥有超过100万的Camflex阀门,安装在各种过程控制应用中。从最基本的水处理到严重的腐蚀服务,所有内容都可以撕裂其他阀门。Masoneilan Camflex阀门首先设计,最重要的是作为一个优良的控制阀,并且已被证明真正成为通用旋转球墨孔控制阀。



    The heart of the Camflex valve is its eccentric plug. The eccentrically rotating, double offset plug CAM’s into and out of the seat. This camming action消除摩擦throughout its rotation since the plug moves away from the seat as it opens, unlike other rotary valve types. This ensures precise control at all openings.



    The plug is offset such that the trailing edge of the plug face will contact the seat ring first when closing. Additional plug rotation causes the plug arms to flex slightly, moving the plug face into full contact with the seat. This flexing action ensures紧长的长期座位具有光滑的座位/取消排列的动作。


    线性Flow Characteristic with Higher Turndown

    Camflex’s linear flow characteristic provides a slight modification as the plug approaches the seat. As the plug cams into the seat, the rate of change in flow is reduced gradually until the plug contacts the seat. This provides a Cv ratio of100:1for stable operation over a wider range in flow. Most traditional globe style control valves offer 50:1 maximum.


    Masoneilan Camflex阀的标准结构包括可选的功能或在竞争阀中不可用的功能。

    Integral Extension Bonnet




    Standard Low-Emissions Packing

    One of the biggest sources of fugitive emissions in plants and pipelines are valves, specifically, emissions leakage from the packing box and sealing gaskets. With an integral bonnet design, the Camflex completely eliminates emissions from the bonnet joint, a huge differentiated benefit over globe valves of similar pressure class.

    The Camflex further stands out minimizing packing leakage as every valve produced today comes standard with the EF Seal, low-emissions packing system. This simple double O-Ring sealed packing system satisfies FCI 91-1 (EPA) requirements.

    此外,可选的Low-Epacking system has been independently certified to the ISO 15848-1 Class A requirements with both Helium and Methane gas tests. Measured results are more than 25x tighter than the <100 ppm requirement. This system also satisfies the U.S. EPA Certified Low Leak Technology (CLLT) requirements.



    在每个Camflex中,Handfaced或Solid Stellite插头是标准的,可选择座椅环和固定器,可用于腐蚀应用。

    Guide bushings are located outside flowstream to prevent impingement of damaging debris on critical guiding surfaces.


    These features help provide延长使用寿命in harsh services.


    Smaller, Lighter, Easy to Handle

    的Masoneilan Camflex二世也更容易nstall and maintain thanks to its flexible body options. Available in Threaded, Flangeless or Flanged ends to match pipe connection requirements. The flanged construction is also offered in the Camflex GR configuration, which matches the face to face dimension of most standard globe valves allowing simplified replacement of existing valves.

    Regardless of end connections option, Camflex valves are much smaller and lighter than globe valve products – typicallyhalf the size and half the weight

    Minimized Parts

    Masoneilan Camflex II从最初的概念中加入了产品管制。它不仅在标准设计中消除了阀罩垫圈,它只需要一个阀门线尺寸的一个插头。该设计具有不同的座椅环,实现各种流动条件,而无需改变插头,笼和/或茎尺寸的麻烦。这将有所帮助minimize the required inventory在货架上,在相同体积的其他Camflex安装中共享一个共同的部分。

    Low-Noise Trim Option


    可选的专利差分速度装置(DVD)将可压缩流量流分离为高速核心和低速包络流流程。这种差分速度概念类似于商业喷气发动机和提供的概念up to 18 dBA noise attenuation



    1“到16”(25到400 mm)

    Ratings and Connections:

    Flanged: ANSI 150 – 600

    Flangeless: ANSI 150 – 600 UNI-DIN 10 – 100

    Screwed: NPT (1" through 2")

    Body Materials:

    Carbon steel Stainless steel High nickel alloy


    Model 35 spring diaphragm

    Model 70 Series cylinder


    Eccentric rotary plug




Masoneilan 35002系列Camflex™旋转控制lve

Masoneilan 35002系列Camflex™旋转控制lve

Applicable Industries

Power Generation, Refining, Petrochemicals, Midstream Oil & Gas, Upstream Oil & Gas,纸浆/纸。