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Masoneilan 33000系列三重偏移蝶阀

  • Overview

    亚博竞彩AppBaker Hughes的Masoneilan 33000系列采用专利设计,采用先进的制造,提供高性能,三重偏移功能,可在各种压力和温度下进行双向,隔离紧密关闭,用于控制和开/关应用。盘的第3次偏移角以及金属到金属座椅表面允许最小的摩擦力,以便在开/关和高节流控制阀应用中使用隔离紧密关闭。重载33000系列蝶阀提供高度零泄漏性能,与许多隔离应用中使用的较大门,全球或球阀技术相比,设计较低的设计。

    Features & Benefits
    The advanced design and manufacturing processes of the 33000 Series incorporates high performance, triple offset enhancing features into traditional butterfly valve technology to provide superior performance within a light weight platform.


    Low Friction, Zero Leakage
    Our patented seat and seal technology makes for a more reliable valve using a robust metal-to-metal seal to achieve API 607 and ISO EN 10497 fire resistant certification, while achieving zero bi-directional leakage. Advanced manufacturing of the seating components into an offset conical design allows for minimal friction while throttling, until the final moment of closure as the valve seat comes in contact with the disc.



    33K.Fugitive Emissions

    Low Emissions
    The 33000 series is qualified to EPA Method 21 certified low leak (Low-E) and ISO fugitive emission specifications following ISO-15848 under both helium and methane conditions. The rotary motion of a butterfly valve inherently introduces less external debris (dust) into the packing box compared to a linear valve, and produces less wear against sealing components to ensure longer term emissions reduction.

    Cryo Test

    Specialty Applications
    Designed with metal-to-metal seats, and optional extended bonnet design, the 33000 series is ideal to maintaining zero leakage performance under harsh conditions, including LNG cryogenic conditions (-196 C), and fire resistant environments requiring API 607 and ISO EN 10497 certification.

    33K.exploded view

    Less Downtime
    When the time comes to carry out essential maintenance, the Masoneilan 33000 Series design pays massive dividends. Field replaceable seat rings and a 2-piece disc design allows for quick inspection, removal and replacement without disassembly; saving you valuable plant downtime.


    3" through 48" (80 through 1200 mm)
    Ratings: ASME CL150 – CL600
    Wafer, Lugged, Raised Face Flanged, RTJ Optional, EN Flange
    Body Face to Face:
    Wafer and lugged bodies API 609 Table-3 (A) (Category B Valves up to 24”)
    Double flanged short pattern: API609 table 3 (C) (Category B Valves up to 24”)
    o Class 150: dimensions per ISO 5752 Basic series 13, EN 558-2, EN 593
    o Class 300:尺寸Per ISO 5752基本系列14,EN 558-2,EN 593
    Body Materials:
    Carbon steel WCC, Stainless steel CF8M, Low Temperature Carbon Steel LCC, Others on request

    Class IV (Standard) per IEC 60534-4 &ANSI/FCI 70-2

    V&VI类(可选)每IEC 60534-4和ANSI / FCI 70-2

    零泄漏(API 598)

    Inherent Characteristics:


MasoneilanTriple Offset Butterfly Valves

MasoneilanTriple Offset Butterfly Valves

Applicable Industries

LNG, Cryogenic LNG, Refining, Petrochemicals, Power.

Key Applications:隔离,低温,蒸馏,加氢处理,重整,开裂,二次,混合,淬火和分馏,电荷气体压缩,分离。