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Non-destructive testing (NDT)指的是广泛的检查或测试方法,允许检查人员评估和收集有关材料,组件,焊缝,系统或组件的数据,而无需永久更改或损坏它们。

Waygate技术is a global leader in non-destructive testing products for use in your industrial NDT, NDE, or NDI inspection processes. Our product offerings include state-of-the-art NDT equipment and service solutions to power your radiographic, eddy current, ultrasonic, and remote visual inspection tasks.

We provide the best detection performance and drive technological innovations, making us可靠的选择合作伙伴对于航空航天,电子,汽车,电池,添加剂制造和能源行业的客户。


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Perform efficient, reliable NDT inspections using advanced radiography and CT equipment.

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Visual Inspection

Video borescopes, fiberscopes, Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) cameras, and more.

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Eddy Current Solutions


What is Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)?

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)also known asNon-Destructive Examination (NDE)指的是用于检查对象的任何类型的非侵入性检查技术,而无需以任何方式损坏它。

尽管有几种类型的NDT/NDE,但通常可以理解这些方法能够identifying the presence of damage or the mechanisms that may cause damage例如裂缝,腐蚀,无效的焊缝,部分未对准等。

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顾名思义,破坏性测试实际上确实损坏了样本in question, typically through deformation as the result of a stress test for tensile strength, bend strength, mechanical cutting, or the like. Non-Destructive Testing, as stated earlier, allows you to test your part without causing any damage as a result of testing or inspection.


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What are the advantages of Non-Destructive Testing?

Non-destructive testing brings with it many advantages over traditional testing methodologies. NDT can save your organization time and money in many ways, such as:

  • 没有浪费的样品,,,,as there are no samples. 100% of your production remains devoted to end-use.
  • No removal of parts or production shut down in some caseswhich not only saves time and money but also affords testing of a component as it resides installed within its system and all the unique loads and stresses that come with that application - something you cannot reliably replicate with DT.
  • Predictive maintenance- 作为预测维护策略的一部分,NDT通常可以在导致问题或失败的情况下识别出关注的领域。
  • 更好的最终产品thanks to advanced imaging technologies and accompanying software that enables you to see flaws in greater detail - so you can reverse their effects sooner in the production cycle and optimize your production processes to avoid scrap and recalls.
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What industries use Non-Destructive Testing?

有numerous applications where non-destructive testing makes sense, but industries that rely on NDT to a large degree are:

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虽然没有一个解决所有其他非破坏性测试技术的解决方案,但有些解决方案确实适合特定任务,例如CT检查(CT)for casting, 3D printing, and additive manufacturing,ultrasound用于腐蚀管理或涡流测试用于涂层厚度,焊接,热处理等。

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Where can I get training on Non-Destructive Testing?

虽然有几种可用于非破坏性测试培训的资源,但Waygate技术offers NDT training across the broadest range of inspection methods,提供around the globe, or at a location of your choice

Get your team up to speed on the latest in NDT today!


Types of Non-Destructive Testing

射线照相测试 - 一种形式non-destructive testing (NDT)- 通常使用伽马或X射线检查制造零件是否有任何缺陷或缺陷,否则这些缺陷或视觉检查未发现的缺陷。

两部分检查解决方案,X射线照相采用Ageneratorwhich, as the name implies, generates the X-rays that will pass through the sample, and adetectorthat captures the rays and the resulting image for inspection:

  • Microfocus X-ray管子 -In an evacuated tube electrons are emitted from a heated filament and are accelerated towards the anode by the potential difference UACC. Electrons enter through a hole in the anode into a magnetic lens which focuses the electron beam to a small spot of a few microns in diameter on the target. The target consists of a thin layer of tungsten deposited on a diamond or light metal plate which also serves as an exit window for the X-radiation (transmission tube). In the tungsten layer, the electrons are abruptly decelerated whereby X-rays are generated. Hence, the focal spot represents a very small X-ray source which enables the sharpest imaging with micrometer resolution even at high magnification. The latest nanofocus tubes achieve a detail detectability down to 200 nanometers (0.2 microns) by using multiple electron lenses. The electron beam current is controlled by the bias voltage UG via the Wehnelt electrode. A set of deflection coils aligns the electron beam with the optical axis of the lens. Since the focal spot is located at a short distance of merely 0.4 mm from the outer surface of the exit window, the cone of X-rays spreads over an angle of 170°.
  • 数字探测器阵列 -X射线阴影图像由闪烁箔转换为可见光,该光线直接由光电二极管阵列检测到。该技术的主要优点是未发生的图像以及高动力学和优越的对比度分辨率。最新的温度稳定的高动态DXR数字检测器阵列技术可确保精美的现场成像,每秒最多30帧。

Popular solutions in the industrial space are便携式,可供现场的发电机/检测器解决方案例如用于检查的Oil & Gas管道和较大的管道实验室和/或生产地板X射线检查和计算机断层扫描(CT)系统如在汽车,,,,Aerospace,,,,andElectronics Manufacturingindustries, which offer a greater degree of precision.

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CT检查是另一种形式non-destructive testing (NDT)that uses hundreds of X-ray images to create three-dimensional models of the internal and external structures within a scanned sample.

three types of scanners associated with industrial CT scanning,,,,cone-beam, line-beam, and fast gantry-based helix:

  • Cone-beam -Generating volumetric data using industrial cone beam CT starts with the acquisition of a series of two-dimensional X-ray images while progressively rotating the sample step by step through a full 360° rotation. These projections contain information on the position and density of absorbing object features within the sample. This accumulation of data is then used for the numerical reconstruction of the volumetric data.
  • 线梁 -为了确保高X射线能量下的散射伪像,高CT数据质量可用于CT数据采集。对于每个切片,都会获取一组X射线线轮廓,同时逐步逐步旋转样品,穿过完整的360°旋转。通过垂直将样品转移到风扇梁中并重复该过程,可以编译一组切片以获得体积的表示。
  • 基于龙门的快速螺旋CT-在基于医疗计算机断层扫描技术的高速螺旋CT上,带有X射线管和相应线探测器的龙门绕着线性皮带操纵器转发的工件旋转。为了确保使用短的测量时间和低散射伪像的所需图像质量,正在使用高度敏感的多行检测器。典型的铸造工件正在10-90秒内扫描。数值卷重建自动启动,即使是3D评估任务,例如自动缺陷识别(3D ADR),包括良好/失败决策,也可以完全自动执行。

CT适合的典型任务包括flaw detection, metrology, failure analysis,等等。

现代工业CT解决方案的关键好处之一是能够使用零件对或零件比较显示和/或比较两个模型:e being the CAD file or a reference scan from a known good sample, and the other being the production sample being scanned. This level of detail and reference greatly enhances the rate of flaw detection and can be used for reverse-engineering and geometric dimensioning.

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超声测试(UT)是另一种形式non-destructive testing (NDT)that employs ultrasonic waves which are transmitted into materials and samples to detect flaws such as cracks and tears and to measure thickness - an important measurement for welds, seams, and corrosion prevention in pipelines.

自动超声测试(AUT)指的是使用UT技术交易的地方nsducers and receivers are driven by a mechanical system that ensures consistent measurements as well as the ability to repeat the test over and over. One popular application of AUT is in pipeline inspection, where a system can be clamped around the outside of a pipe and then walked or piloted down the length of the pipe collecting data along the way for analysis.

Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT)is a UT solution that employs a series of phased array probes that allow for the beam to be focused and swept without physically moving the probe - which allows for scanning in tighter locations where traditional single-element systems may not fit, or where motion is otherwise limited, thus resulting in a smaller scan size. PAUT is one of the best solutions for defect detection where time is of the essence, and scanner mobility is impaired or impossible while simultaneously increasing your Probability of Detection (POD).

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Visual Inspection

Visual Inspection,第一种也是最古老的形式non-destructive testing (NDT),如果可以的话,是用肉眼作为主要扫描“工具”来完成的。Modern visual inspection solutions augment the technician's natural abilities通过允许他们努力检查,或者由于视频孔,刚性和灵活的孔,甚至远程操作的车辆(ROV),他们能够努力伸手去拿地点。

这些现代解决方案中的许多也提供了enhanced lighting, contrast, and other image transforms这有助于发现缺陷,从而增强了技术人员的愿景,同时仍依靠他们的专业知识来确定存在缺陷和没有的缺陷。

Eddy Current

Eddy Current Testing (ECT)是采用电磁诱导的一种非破坏性测试(NDT)的形式to detect and define flaws in conductive materials.ECT是检查表面和地下(即在油漆涂层下)条件的绝佳解决方案。

ECT transducers, at their core, are comprised of a coil of wire (i.e. an induction coil) and an alternating current which together forma magnetic field.When this coil is introduced to conductive materials, any opposing currents will be induced into the material andwill be visible as eddy currents

Any defect in the target material will manifest itself as a disruption in the eddy currents, which can then bemeasured by way of their changing impedance。It is this sort of non-visual confirmation of surface and subsurface defects thatmakes ECT perfect for weld inspection, fastener hole inspection, tube inspection, heat treatment verification, and even metal grade sorting.

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磁性颗粒检查(MPI)is a form of non-destructive testing (NDT) that, as the name implies, employs a magnetic field to detect surface and subsurface irregularities in ferromagnetic materials.

When a magnetic field is applied to the target sample, the piece can then be magnetized and any resultant irregularities in the material can be通过应用亚铁颗粒或铁氟利检测到并检查较大浓度的亚铁材料收集的区域,从而表明材料畸形。


声发射测试(AET),非破坏性测试(NDT)的另一种形式取决于通过固体时使用和测量声波。What makes AET different from conventional ultrasonic testing (UT) and limited to a very specific sort of defect, is that the waves being detected are actually produced by the target material during a failure or stress event, and not from an outside generation source.


Liquid Penetrant Testing

液体渗透测试(LPT)also known asDye Penetrant Inspection (DPI)是一种非破坏性测试的形式,用于检测非孔子材料中的表面缺陷requires the application of a penetrating liquid,,,,usually an emulsifier,然后将其暴露于开发人员从任何表面缺陷中拉出穿透性液体,从而通过浓度在样品表面的渗透液体外观中扩增了缺陷的存在。

While inexpensive and relatively simple to deploy, LPT requires a clean surface, protective clothing, and proper ventilation, and导致检测水平仅略高于视觉,,,,with proper LPT training of the technician. One should also consider what methods are used in the cleaning of your target materials prior to LPT assome surface prep methods can interfere with the testthus skewing your results.

Leak Testing

Leak Testingis another simple form of non-destructive testing (NDT) that does just what the name implies: it tests a given manufactured part为了确保流体或气体不会从任何意想不到的路径中逃脱。

several forms of Leak Testingfrom total submersion (i.e. the “bubble test”) to helium leak testing, pressure decay, vacuum decay, flow monitoring, and thermography.

This method of testing is在多个行业中广泛使用where leaks could be a problem, from automotive, oil & gas, to consumer packaged goods (CPG), medical, and waterproof electronics.

情况下Studies & Applications

Our wide range of non-destructive testing (NDT) solutions represent今天可用的最好的NDT技术,,,,for virtually any application across a wide array of industries.

在下面阅读我们的任何一个案例研究see how we can bring value to your NDT programs today.

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