当陷入困境问题时,您需要快速解决情况。亚博竞彩App贝克·休斯(Baker Hughes)拥有技术,工具和专业知识,可以安全,更经济地解决特定的卡住问题。


  • Free-point depth determination
  • Pipe separation
  • 钓鱼剩下的卡住管道

First, our pipe recovery specialists will determine the root cause of the stuck pipe through a thorough analysis of the well configuration and events leading to the problem. We choose the proper tools and services to efficiently execute recovery operations.

Next, the pipe string is worked sufficiently to determine the free point and is backed off or cut to remove the free portion from the well. After retrieving the free pipe, the well can be reentered to jar loose or wash over the remaining stuck pipe. In certain drilling operations, the remaining stuck pipe may be sidetracked for economic reasons.

Our capabilities include several fit-for-purpose free-point indicator systems. Diagnostics logging determines a strategy or cause, consisting of the pipe-recovery log, noise, temperature, and other measurement services. We offer a wide variety of proven technology to cut or separate the free pipe from the downhole tubulars.



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