亚博竞彩App贝克·休斯(Baker Hughes)为经济和可靠的退役提供了最综合的P&A服务。无论您有什么需求,从表面到地下的资产,您都会为沿资产的每个点提供安全,可靠和具有成本效益的P&A解决方案。


A fully integrated approach combines proven P&A technologies, seamless job planning, and execution expertise to help you transform the burden of P&A into a smooth and efficient final step in your well’s lifecycle.

Reliably and cost-effectively address any need during your P&A process:

确保井控制。Safely secure your well and assess downhole conditions.

Accurately evaluate well integrity.Confirm cement and casing conditions prior to abandonment.

Efficiently remove your completion.Cut, pull, and remove tubing and casing from your well with fewer trips and minimal risk.

Install barriers with certainty.安装并确认将机械和水泥屏障放置在您的井中。

Effectively remove wellheads and conductors.Safely and efficiently remove conductors and subsea wellheads.

通过协作进行优化。Work with Baker Hughes decommissioning experts to simplify and streamline your overall well abandonment process.


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