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  • Ensure compliance with well integrity regulations
  • Reduce risk of zonal communication
  • Minimize nonproductive time

  • Cement top determination and mapping of cement placement
  • Deepwater wells with a variety of cement or fluid conditions
  • 重井液环境



最大化您对Wellbore的区域隔离的理解Aperio™ Pulse Echo servicefrom Baker Hughes. In just a single logging run, the service provides ultrasonic pulse echo mapping of the integrity of both your casing and the cement bond.


The Aperio Pulse Echo service employs a rotating transducer to provide a high-resolution, 360-degree assessment. The transducer uses varying frequencies from 250 to 450 kHz to transmit and measure ultrasonic waveforms reflected from the casing and the cement to assess annular integrity. The resulting high-resolution circumferential casing and cement coverage data can detect defects or channels as narrow as 1.2-in. (30.5 mm).

Aperio Pulse Echo服务还可以通过检查钻孔,卵形和腐蚀的外壳来识别壳体完整性问题。

Post processing of the logs is integrated with the service’s acquisition software. The evaluation logs are available immediately after the run, reducing your nonproductive time and significantly shortening the time to make critical decisions to maintain well integrity.

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