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  • Perform milling with no damage to parent casing
  • Reduce total number of trips downhole
  • Reduce rig time

  • Milling selective casing for plug and abandonment (P&A)
  • Milling operations for permanent production packers
  • Milling windows in casing



Reduce the time and cost of your milling operations with advanced milling technology (AMT) tools from Baker Hughes.

During your well intervention jobs, efficiency and cost-effectiveness are critical. Technologies like ourAMT™ section mill同时提供两者 - 让您在更少的时间和较低的成本中进行一系列铣削操作,包括铣削管道的松散关节,生产区域中的穿孔套管和旧的套管。

通过使用更长的铣削运行METAL MUNCHER™ AMT cutters. This durable technology provides several efficiency improvements in a number of applications:

  • Increased milling penetration rates, even through corrosion resistant alloys
  • Extended effective time on bottom in high-volume milling applications
  • Improved swarf removal
  • Greater flexibility during the milling process

Our AMT solutions have a proven track record of effective milling performance in just one trip, which translates to significant reductions in overall rig time, less nonproductive time, and a faster turnaround time to get the well back into production.


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