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  • 通过出色的设计和碳化物冶金,提高铣削渗透率
  • Reduce milling time associated with exotic materials
  • 节省运营成本并减少铣削旅行

  • 深水井
  • Unconventional oil and gas
  • 插件申请

最大程度地减少贝克·休斯(Baker Hughes)完成铣削操作的时间和成本。亚博竞彩App

Milling solutions like ourMETAL MUNCHERTM高级铣削技术(AMT)incorporate advanced cutting structures that offer enhanced wear rate, impact resistance, and cutting edges—all of which help shorten your milling time. These structures address the more exotic and abrasive materials commonly encountered in today’s milling and fishing operations, maximizing performance in a wider range of applications and in less time.


The AMT portfolio is ideal for cutting casings for plug and abandonments, pipe that’s stuck with scale, re-entry portions, dressing off hard-banding, and even titanium logging tools. And thanks to the improved penetration rates and durability of the cutter metallurgy, you’re assured that the size and shape of the debris size is carefully controlled and minimized—thus reducing the impact on your completions and production equipment.

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