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  • 确保可靠的机械隔离孔的应用
  • Deploy, set, and retrieve barriers quickly and easily, with no premature setting or unsetting
  • Gain assured, gas-tight isolation to industry’s most stringent standards

  • 临时井悬架,用于外壳检查,井口测试和设备维修
  • Reliable isolation in high-pressure/high-temperature (HP/HT) wells
  • Permanent barrier in P&A operations



Get assured mechanical wellbore isolation for all of your operational needs with theSTONE WALL™ V0-rated well barrier portfoliofrom Baker Hughes. Whether you are drilling, completing, producing, or abandoning your well, our comprehensive suite of well barrier tools gives you complete well control to ensure safe operations and environmental protection.


我们的石墙投资组合中的每个障碍都经历了严格的测试过程,并通过严格的ANSI/API 11D1 ISO 14310 V0标准进行了验证。这样可以确保在广泛的应用中具有强大的障碍。

Obtain reliable, temporary well suspension with theCROWNSTONE™ GTV tubing-retrievable well barrier。A dependable barrier for temporary suspensions such as casing evaluation, wellhead testing, and hurricane plugging, the CROWNSTONE GTV includes:

  • A packing element configuration for increased reliability if debris is trapped on top of the barrier
  • 可确保在屏障上方和下方进行压力测试的确定测试功能,以确保在检索前控制压力
  • A unique design that eliminates the need for additional weight to set the barrier

Achieve short-term isolation and ensure smooth retrieval operations with theCAPSTONE™ wireline-retrievable well barrier。The CAPSTONE well barrier delivers an economical solution for temporary isolation ahead of well servicing or surface equipment repair. Other features include:

  • 简化设计,以提高跑步速度和无故障检索
  • 实地预先验证的组件可以消除过早的不设置并提高可靠性
  • Compatibility with industry-standard setting tools for greater flexibility and reduced operational costs

Confirm a reliable seal in high-pressure/high-temperature (HP/HT) conditions with theBRIMSTONE™ HP/HT well barrier。With confirmed zonal isolation in environments up to 25,000 psi (1723.6 bar) differential pressure and 500°F (260°C), the BRIMSTONE well barrier also provides:

  • Quick and accurate deployment on wireline or coiled tubing
  • A body lock ring to maintain optimal seal against pressure reversals
  • 在极端条件下的可靠性

确保永久性障碍,以供井插和放弃TOMBSTONE™ permanent well barrier。通过在最终P&A运营期间提供可靠的井眼隔离,墓碑井也提供了:

  • 确保,完全隔离,可以阻止任何气体在井的生命周期结束时迁移上孔
  • Flexible deployment options for improved operational efficiency
  • A gas-tight seal that mitigates gas migration into cement, avoiding cost and time associated with re-cementing
  • A top-venting design that allows for pressure equalization across the tool and prevents kicks while drilling out upper slips

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