Discover how the IWS team designed an integrated, 100% electric P&A solution to align with the operator’s objectives and then, executed it perfectly in the field.

Photo of a well abandonment operation in the field.

Well abandonment: when an end is a beginning



贝克·休斯(Baker Hughes)的综合遗弃服务结合了验证的技术,应用专业知识以亚博竞彩App及有效的工作计划和执行,我们的遗弃服务为您面临的任何插件(P&A)挑战提供了可靠,安全且具有成本效益的解决方案。

Solutions from start to finish

亚博竞彩App贝克休斯 使用你的每一步bandonment process—from project planning to coordination to execution—to deliver flexible and scalable solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our Integrated Well Abandonment services bring industry-leading experts, technologies, and management solutions to transform your P&A campaign into a seamless final step in your well’s lifecycle.

We are committed to supporting and enhancing your well abandonment programs in several significant ways.

  • Develop and enhance your well abandonment philosophy with the help of Baker Hughes Reservoir Technology Services (RTS).欧r RTS experts help you interpret regulations and guidelines; provide insights into the best abandonment approach for a given field; evaluating the utilization of salt caps, shales, cement, mechanical barriers, and combined plugs to optimize your well’s final barrier designs. 

  • Reduce uncertainties while isolating your zones of interest with wide-ranging well integrity evaluation tools.By deploying the right combination of integrity evaluation and analysis, you’re assured more efficient well abandonment operations that protect the environment and your bottom line. 

  • 在整个井上安装永久性屏障,以完全隔离从表面的所有储层产生或注入区域。亚博竞彩App贝克·休斯(Baker Hughes)可以将拟合的穿孔技术,机械屏障,通过管道屏障放置方法和胶结,或替代性屏障材料提供可靠的,具有成本效益的解决方案。

  • Minimize the time required to abandon a well.Permanent isolation of all intermediate zones with flow potential involves major steps in the well plug and abandonment process. The application of industry-leading well intervention cutting, pulling and milling technologies and collaborative engagement drives down the time to abandon a well and enables rapid adaptation to unforeseen circumstances.

Save time and money with our rigless andriserless solutions while installing the near-surfaceplugand removing the wellhead and conductor. Our tubular experts deploy the right equipment and services to effectively remove tubing, casing, and conductors. Well abandonment is part of the Baker Hughes Integrated Well Services approach to managing your field operations safely, reliably, and cost effectively. Our offerings in well abandonment are unique for providing cost focus where required, and value focus where you need it. For operational environments ranging from onshore to offshore to subsea, we provide abandonment solutions with a proven track record of significant performance improvement.

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Integrated well abandonment