Powered by one of the largest fleets outside the manufacturers, we offer efficient solutions for any large-diameter casing driving job, such as conductor driving, caisson installation, and pile driving.

Ideal for use onshore, offshore, and underwater, theHydrohammer™系列将集中的吹送到桩中,导致更高效的操作,驾驶桩更深,更快。该技术是安全,可靠,更友好的环境,而不是柴油锤。液滴可以以任何角度操作,包括水平,具有边缘能量损失。还可以配置撞击操作的锤子。


全面的驾驶服务consist of连接化妆和处理设备,具有专利的导体扭矩系统,内部升降机,冷切割和特殊定制的驱动鞋和驱动鞋,包括深渗透,定向和标准版本。

Cost-effectively reclaim used platform slots

Our specialized, large-diameter, drive-pile whipstocks can reclaim used platform slots, which is more cost-effective compared with expensive washovers and pipe-recovery operations. In most cases, platform modifications are unnecessary. Hydrohammers can be used without a drilling or platform rig, and diving operations are not required. Orientation and inclination options during the installation of the new conductor facilitate the drilling of a completely new well in any direction, with a high degree of accuracy.

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