水泥的评估: zonal isolation


For your jobs that require 0.7- to 1-in. (17.78- to 25.4-mm) casing in high-stress environments, the Segmented Bond Tool™ (SBT™) offers you the industry-exclusive ability to accurately measure your cement bond and present this on an easy-to-read 360-degree cement map.


  • 径向分析键合测井(RAL™)
  • Cement Bond Log (CBL™)
  • Casing inspection: measuring corrosion and mechanical wear

Pipe-string failure caused by corrosion or mechanical defects can occur at any time in the life of a well. To protect your investment, regular inspection of the production tubing and casing using our pipe evaluation services offers early detection of problem areas and allows for timely planning of remedial action.

高分辨率垂直测井™ (HRVRT)™) 该服务提供业界分辨率最高的电磁套管检测仪器。HRVRT 360度缺陷图准确定位套管内部或外部缺陷的位置大小。


  • 数字垂直仪™ (DVRT)™)
  • Micro Vertilog™ (MVRT™)
  • Digital Magnelog™ (DMAG™)
  • 成像卡尺™ (国际竞争法)™)

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